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  1. New keyboard

    This shit might be an offbrand it might not be a razor but its got blue switches and its cool as fuck
  2. hey psst i totally didn't make a comprehensive (albeit incomplete guide)
  3. she does not need a nerf her items need a nerf nothing about her kit has changed for a long ass time its just support item changes that have pushed her
  4. Need book recommendations

    Actually I got a few. It might not be the types of books you've read but check out some of McCarthy's works in particular Blood Meridian and The Road. if I had to recommend one, It would be The road, but read a littyle synopsis of both and see what appeals to you more. Just fair warning they're both pretty fucking dark
  5. Moshay New PC

    Everytime some posts a picture of their rig it makes me feel disgusting i7 4770 (Can't OC) w/ stock heat sink gtx 770 an unmodular psu with the most horrendous cable management you've ever seen in your life its so bad that I can't screw in one of my case covers cause the cables stick out the side they aren't even useful cables either, I cant remove them since I cheaped out of a modular psu I envy the specs and the post-installation-screenshot-eyecandy
  6. Need book recommendations

    How interested are you in history? If so, could you give me some key topics/words?
  7. Falx' Discover Daily!

    Is this a part of a larger EP or Album? Where can I find more?
  8. feelsbadman cha getting shit on again smh THESE FOOLS DON'T RESPECT THE SHACO THINK TANK Maybe I just got lucky but every inhouse or match we play together he pops off
  9. Could you give some context bruh like im trying to picture in my mind what his thought process was maybe im overthinking this
  10. i can attest to this if the enemy jungler starts the standard 3 camp start, you need to know the significance of 3:00 (time it takes for most to do it and be topside), 7:00 and every 5 minute interval afterwards (second round buff spawns) So many top laners put themselves in a shitty position around the 3 minute mark that end up feeding first blood.
  11. No one can give you any real good advice in game from a 2-3 sentence text post about being hardstuck Use your very talented division line up (I envy you btw, I can't go to our NA divisions to have meaningful discussion) to ask questions and get coaching. Many people are willing. Hell you got a dedicated analyst. Quote from some other thread I typed out. Sounds like it applies to you. Its more of a mentality thing, which I can address. If you truly want to climb, you'll find the help you need. You'll find the time to put in the hours.
  12. quote from one of my posts y'all mentally weak btw take this advice
  13. Your care too much over something that doesn't matter. Solo queue will throw at you a variety of variables that you can't control and you shouldn't let them affect your play. Its hard, I know and I wonder if I ever listen to myself when I say this but none of your team mates matter. The only thing that should be affecting your thought process is you. The moment you can disconnect your emotions and thought process from the game to game results, and start focusing on yourself and improving is the day you gain an advantage far greater than any mechanical or macro improvement you could possibly make This is some pretty abstract shit, and you probably think im a hippy or some shit but trust. You care way too much about what your team mates have to say. Mute them if you have to.
  14. ardent censor and ancient coin are a thing oh hey look janna rushes both item w0w