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  1. Haha i am the only one who like SE :P i guess i just liked it since it has its own unique dinos and was the first to have dragons
  2. No problem! Always interesting to get everyone's opinion though! :)
  3. So from what i have read and heard of and along with patch notes, the idea is that on release they will have "boss wars". Now the idea I believe behind this (and i can be wrong, just going off other sources) is that when reaching end game and defeating the current bosses you will complete the tec cave and be transported to challenge the FINAL Boss. The creature or possible beings that put you on this world as a test or study (aka the implant in your arm in game). My question to everyone is what are you hoping the boss will be like???? I personally dont want it to be weird aliens but infact another boss dino or multiple boss dinos (aka a mirror image of what you bring into the battle). Along with reading about this final fight there has also been mention that upon defeating the final boss you will be reset to level 1 and spawned as a new survivor again HOWEVER the benefits to going through this process is that you would have a higher level cap each time you completed the final boss. Example being that right now max level is 100 and after completing the final boss you would be able to reach 110 and then next time 120 so on and so forth. Who knows if they would put a cap on how high your max level can go but i imagine they would otherwise people would essentially "farm" final boss fights to increase their level cap endlessly. So to recap what are you hoping the final boss to be like and what incentives would you want there to be?
  4. I am going to be making a new topic/thread to discuss levels because it kind of gets off topic on this one haha so look out for it!
  5. True @Aleirebut what about crafting skill? From what i have read if you have all skill points into crafting you have the chance of creating a blue print item with 20% better stats (meaning about every 3 points in crafting skill is 1%) also its not a hard 20% increase but more of a scale of 0%-40% better with the average being 20%. This means a possible 40% increase in armor or damage on higher level blue prints
  6. Yea which is why im seriously hoping that the devs whipe all the servers on release I would even go as far to say characters as well but that would suck haha however they are releasing the full game so it would be understandable so that everyone is on fair playing ground
  7. Yea it is frustrating but kinda has to be this way without being game breaking. I am debating on making a character for just crafting skill. Also there is that fact that people who have used a specific dupe glitch also duplicated their characters as well from what i have read on reddit or saw on YouTube videos.
  8. This looks like it will be alot of fun!
  9. So as the post states what are peoples opinions on current characters and how they work stat wise. Obviously you can only have one character per server. Do people agree with this? I have my main but i do have some secondary ones on other servers to mess around with stat wise. I feel like this is necessary now that they only allow one mindwipe per level. So someone would have their main character for raiding, maybe another for crafting and another for farming/breeding but the annoying part is that they cant be on the same server at once and have to be switched off of the server to make room for the one you want to use. I understand why they did this so that when you die you cant spawn in again right away or people can capture you, this obviously prevents you from rescuing your own character. I just find it annoying to have to play musical chairs with characters if you want to use a specific one. Anyways enough rambling what is everyones thoughts?
  10. I will definitely be hopping onto the servers to play with everyone first chance i get! And yes i think it is hard to play solo and reach end game content. You definitely need a team/clan for defensive purposes. The alpha and mega tribes out there can be issues if you get on their bad side, but im usually pretty friendly and get along with everyone when i play. Best way to survive till you build up your base.
  11. As the topic states i am starting up ark again. I played when it first came out and then again when SE cane out. I had to take a break due to work but now that i have a steady schedule now i can start back up again. I currently enjoy SE the most but i have yet to be on the new map. I always enjoyed official pvp servers but its always hard to find a good tribe. I am the type of guy who loves to farm resources and breed/tame dinos and just make a great defensive base. The reason I prefer pvp servers over pve since i like to breed dinos is that towards end game things get stale and boring so pvp makes it more exciting. Also I have to say im curious to see if they whipe servers on release. I think this game has alot of potential and i am actually surprised by how many dinos they have released, upon it first comming out i never would have thought it would have as much content as it does. What is everyone's favorite thing about ark and their hopes for it?