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  1. A tribute to Stephen Hawking.

    To live with the thought of dead for more then 50 years is defiantly a scary feeling still yet Stephen didn't give up and even had a sense of humor
  2. He didn't want it in the end it was a gift from someone anyways
  3. Edit to the story * the guy told me he can't live like that and will probably suicide.
  4. So first to clarify i think this should be on the general topic because it shows people that there's worst .... So I met this Macedonian dude few months ago on steam we sometimes joked about the Bulgarians and Macedonians nothing special. Few hours ago he asked me to give my m4a4 asiimov to him to which i replied with why... He started telling me about his life how his ,,friends,, bullied him for not having a knife for being really poor for the reason that he didn't choose the parents he has... The guy is really cool and intelligent but sadly really poor his father gets back from work only to bring bread to the table. He gets bullied for that on daily bases online in school the parents of the kids really don't care they would just block the number of the guys parents they don't care how their ,,angels,, threat others like shit because they can't fill the gap of sadness that they hide and try to fill with other peoples struggle in life. Goodnight Di ~~iFighter
  5. A tribute to Stephen Hawking.

    Rest in peace did a lot for hummanity