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  1. Either Bear trap thing or my bow and arrow ")
  2. What movie gets your 10/10 rating?

    Platoon (1986) just a great movie all round :)
  3. Crossy, but I still love my bows :p
  4. Hello

    hello and welcome to DI Clan, glad to have you with us. Have a great time :)
  5. Hello everyone.

    Hello, welcome to DI please be respectful and cautious with some of the topics you mention in your intro. :)
  6. Hihi!

    Hello and let me be the first to welcome you to DI Clan, glad you with us and I know the Overwatch teams are very welcoming to all :) Have fun
  7. Apple is s***

    I hate Apple OS I hate the updates, I just can't use apple. It drives me nuts even the Ipads
  8. Vegetarianism

    Im a 100% meat eat, sorry I love it and could not live without it :) But I respect people who choose not to eat meat etc.
  9. Hello Everyone!

    Hello and glad to have you joining DI Clan, I'm sure the PUBG team will very very welcoming to you :) if you need anything look me up
  10. Salutations

    Greetings and great to have you joining DI Clan. I'm sure you be a great member for joining the Overwatch teams :)
  11. New PC Has Been Priced Out

    I have brought a per-built for the first time in having a PC. Yes it cost a couple of hundred dollars more than doing it myself but I just worked one more shift to cover that lol
  12. I think its a fair balance specially trying to find the gears when your on a full server of 300 other players.
  13. I'm liking the new graphics and changes to the landscape. I just wish we could have a pet in game :(
  14. Introduction of minamo99

    Let me be the first to welcome you to DI Clan. I'm sure your be very welcome to the Rocket League Teams :)
  15. Edited Intro From m00n boy

    Hi and welcome to DI Clan :) nice intro and like the layout easy to read :)