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  1. NEW!

    Hi and welcome to DI :) Great to have you with us. Happy gaming
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to DI, I'm sure your enjoying joining the Dota 2 teams :) enjoy
  3. Blowing Mace up many times with a landmine and looting him :) does that count?
  4. Favorite Movie

    I would have to say Star Wars
  5. Hello there Folks

    Welcome to DI, what a great intro to get to know you a little more :) good job
  6. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    Good old Fish and Chips from the UK, but I live in California so never going to happen :( for a while
  7. Hello everyone!!!

    Hello Gavin and welcome to DI, glad to have you with us :) I know there are a few members who enjoying playing Rainbow Six and would welcome new members :) to the team
  8. Rust

    I like to place my starter base near to water, food, some wood and stone, but also close enough to a road or builds so can farm scrap.
  9. Reporting for duty

    Hello and welcome to DI, glad to have some more mature/season players with us :)
  10. what is the best RPG that you played?

    I would say Guild Wars 2, so many great hours playing that game
  11. Rust

    When I first started to play I would say 8 or 9, now after a couples of months playing I would say 2 or 3, depending on the person who kills me.
  12. Hey :3

    hello and welcome to DI, Have fun with the Overwatch teams :)
  13. What graphics card do you have?

    I have a GTX 1080 Ti 11GB card
  14. pre-ordered games

    I don't tend to order pre games, as in the past I always been let down by the game play and the hype around them :(
  15. Hi!

    hello and welcome to DI Clan, glad to have your playing with us. I'm sure the Overwatch teams will make you feel very welcome :)