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  1. I was younger and the game said I needed to put an email to keep going... I didn't know what that meant so I decided to the everything over again and maybe it won't come up again. Then I eally gave up and never played again
  2. Mobile Games?

    Trivia Kingdom (Im such a nerd)
  3. Worst on the job experience?

    Volunteered at Publix it was bad... long story short, I may have accidentally tripped over this older lady and we both slammed into the shelves. The shelf legit wobbled cause it was on the end and like half the cans and goods tumbled off of it... that was my last day at Publix.

    Acer aspire e 15. It's not the best laptop, but it is pretty cheap. It runs csgo at like 60-100 fps at the highest settings, which is really surprising. But their are issues with the wifi card and sound card where the wifi card only gives fast internet with an N band. The sound has really weird recording problems where it will pause my voice then start the voice then repeat it every half a second.
  5. A throwback to these old tv shows that were great.
  6. The starbase arc is a freaking octagon. Like wtf. You cant even air dribble on it
  7. If you get used to it, its good. Its only like 0.5mm off the ground XD.
  8. The octane is the best car... just use it. Other the bat mobile is good for aireals and the breakout is good for dribbling.
  9. Its pretty easy to rank up, all you have to do is practice by yourself, then carry your teammates. If you are w/ a bad teammate, try to hang back, play smart, and just be better. In higher gold, you will sometimes be carried.
  10. Career Goals

    Biological Engineer
  11. What are your goals in life?

    Rank out of Silver XD
  12. What's Your Favorite Band?

    I like the 2.4 Ghz frequency band
  13. You only get 1 animal, try to get to 100 with only 1 person per 1 animal. Ok changing it up: same thing except the scientific names of different dog breeds. For example: Canis lupus familiaris