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  1. [Approved]HydroStax's application

    I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  2. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  3. Disregard this reply, it was a fail. :(
  4. Whoever posted a reply to a topic and suggested ShareX ( @Falx I think it was you maybe) THANK YOU! Freaking amazing tool! https://getsharex.com/


    1. Falx
    2. ToxicEnigma


      I use it at home and at work now! 

  5. I have been here since last June and this will be my first status... For this status, I wanna give a shoutout to @Ender. Buddy, I didn't know you were this good looking... 


    I was going back in time on the forum and found this... lol nice (legs). 

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    2. 13thShade


      I'm scarred for life

    3. Ender


      That's a big 'like' from me

    4. Sairane


      Ahh, the origin of Ender is Bae :D

  6. Does anyone Play ESO?

    There are a few people that play it still. I am not sure how many. @GaidenShinji @Lordkhodas @Eroedan are just a few that played and may still play.
  7. Music Videos that Tell Great Stories

    my last one... maybe lol.
  8. Song of the Day

    Exactly, it is 2017, the song was released August 1, 1982, to most people on this site THIS is NEW. new n(y)o͞o/ adjective already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time. Because sometimes "old" songs/bands are better than "new" ones.
  9. Saturday Night Live and American Comedy Shows

    possibly. Work will be busiest during your winter break though.
  10. I agree. I watched the whole thing through, and at the end, I was just like wtf... Where is the rest of the story, are they going to do something additional with it? yeah, no... Like you said there were key points of the story missing. Maybe I am drawing a blank here, but did he even get held in a "cell" and watched to make sure that he (Light) wasn't the one controlling it? What about the corporation that if fell to for a brief time? It just does not do the anime justice. Oh, and hi @Aralornx

    it. Self-worth sucks. It's a bit funny (to me) that everyone that I have talked to or heard stories about had issues going with their image or self-worth starting in middle or high school. My issues started way after I left all of that behind. Sure I had a few issues in school, but it was the normal stuff that many people go through; puberty, acne, girls (or boys depending on who you are). It wasn't until I hit 29 or 30 that I started losing all that confidence that I had gained through life, especially during my time in the service. Add that up with all of those "adult problems" and having kids, one of which is going to be in high school soon, and I am just a dang mess some days. lol. Great post! "Keep on, keepin' on." - Joe Dirt ;) Yes, Division - IX LOL
  12. Whatsup with your username?

    I have had more usernames than I can possibly remember. Most of them have come from a deviation of differing mythologies. However, this time I went with something a bit more simplistic. I have broken my name down into two parts, easily distinguishable. Toxic, not because I am a toxic person, but rather the way someone perceives me could be in a "toxic" light. I can come off as harsh sometimes and I can be a bit of an asshole sometimes as well. Enigma is because of the above reason. It confuses people making it difficult to understand me and my personality.
  13. Where are you from?

    Oh yeah? Well, I am from Ohio. Where we have 6 in. of snow overnight, 70 F by noon and thunderstorms at supper.
  14. He had a fab sniper shooting from afar. With the flyer nerf things like that are not quite that simple.