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  1. did they fix the bug when the person who does the second ban loses ability to adjust their lancer of choice?
  2. what anime are you watching right now?

    This Mahou Shojo series called Star vs the forces of evil XD
  3. Steven Universe

    So! Be hyped!!!
  4. Steven Universe

    "Strong in the real way" will always have special place in my heart
  5. Soo, who's hyped for Rick and Morty?

    welcome to the darkest year
  6. Favorite TV show

    Steven Universe, but Star vs the forces of evil is steadily climbing up.
  7. Soo, who's hyped for Rick and Morty?

    it was rather legit :D from what I know I think you've missed a zero there, bud
  8. A new trailer just hit the internets and we should have new episodes within a month :D Ain't it just grand?

    They're drawing it. :D
  10. Cartoons?

    I'm up to date with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I'm impatiently waiting for new episodes of Steven Universe and Star versus the Forces of Evil I will binge any cartoon I hear really good things about. I'm legally an adult.
  11. The WItcher Netflix Series

    finally, someone is going to do the Witcher tv series the RIGHT way
  12. Introduction! :)

    Hello, fellow initiate :D
  13. Introduction - redikus

    Nice to meet you, have fun!
  14. Question 1 - I attack. Early death isn't dangerous. If she blinks, so be it, I set my movement to run away towards safer ground, heal or team. If she doesn't, game is tied and there's no much loss. This Teleport will be way more valuable in later turns. Question 2 - that so depends on where my team is and what I can expect them to do. Question 3 - I blink. Late game, no deaths allowed, unless I'm certain I'm taking out 2 or more with my sacrifice.
  15. So, that's the place

    Ahem. I have no idea what to write as introduction of myself. I'm rather disconnected from my backstory, and I don't do small talk. As a diagnosed Aspie I will have low to no idea how to approach you, but with the buffer of text medium, we will have a meaningful conversation. When I'm distracted, I'm very distracted, but when I focus, I'm really focused. I like tea with honey, I sketch, and I hope to have fun here.