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  1. when I first started I thought morgana Q was a stun. I remember one game against a Kat and I got super tilted because she would ult and I would Q her and her ult would keep going.
  2. I've learned to play more conservative the higher I go. Also pink/control wards will almost always end up getting me killed if I try to finish that last hit it needs to die.
  3. My favorite is either Tahm Kench, Thresh, or Soraka. Ive been one tricking soraka for a while now but before that I used to main thresh. I had a lot of fun with Rakan but havent had good results with him in ranked so I havent played much.
  4. the 3v3 bot games that have already been mentioned are the fastest way to level. You just have to keep grinding them and knock it out.
  5. DBZ Abridged

    How many people are fans of team four stars DBZ abridged series? I'm a big fan and have been laughing with it for years.
  6. Chester Bennington

    I was really sad when I saw the news. Linkin Park was one of the bands that ive been able to listen to consistently for a long time now even when my tastes in music change its still there as one of my favorites.
  7. Games for free to play

    Marvel Heroes used to be decent I havent played it in a while though so I dont know how the newest updates are but it used to be pretty fun.
  8. help me get 50 post lol

    These would be up there for me as well.
  9. help me get 50 post lol

    One favorite movie and TV show is so hard.
  10. New weapon ideas

    I would like a base mounted machine gun or maybe even manually operate the turret.
  11. Rust

    Probably around 800ish.
  12. Your explosive ammo soft side hard side wood roof might be backwards. Great post though!
  13. What do you do on a rainy day?

    Pretty much what I do. Doesn't really matter to me if it's raining or not.
  14. whats your shoe size?

    US 12 or 13 depending on the company
  15. What type of keyboard should I get to get a better response?

    If you want cheap theres a lot of non mechanical gaming keyboards that could work just search on like amazon or new egg and read reviews. Corsair, Logitech, Roccat, Razer, Steel Series all have decent mechanical keyboards. You have to decide what features you want then look for a keyboard in your price range.