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  1. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  2. *Splutters coffee all over screen* 

    Oh my god Man! It's been so long

    Welcome back mate!

  3. I sit in your old throne now :) Come pay me a visit sometime

  4. New profile picture because why not :)

    1. Zezette


      still neegan tho 


    2. luigi


      Still fits you tho <3

  5. Hey all! Its time for me to post my most favorite game soundtrack. The game has only released a month or 2 ago but the soundtrack is the best I have ever heard. Music was created by Mick Gordon, he also has done the soundtrack for Doom 2015, highly involved with Bethesda (Hey, we may finally get a badass soundtrack for Fallout 5 :P). This next one I really like as it is not about being badass but the actual psychology behind it. Showing Catharsis, the main theme of the game. This theme song highlights all of it and truly mixes everything together perfectly. Hope you guys enjoy the soundtrack as much as I do! Cheers all! Raptor
  6. Enjoy your retirement my man ! :D

  7. MGS5 was a real solid game man ! Loved building my very own mother base :)

    1. Nobody322


      It was indeed, too bad it was incomplete :(

      I 100% ed the game.

  8. found a childhood picture of yours: 

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ark compy

  9. I've never cried so much in my whole life :( You raised me into DI ! Will miss you man! Best of luck! 

    PS. Transfer to Division 16

    1. Evani


      All good things must come to an end, much love ma boi, keeping killing it with div 16 @Raptor

    2. Enigma


      Awwwww Raptor :(

    3. Raptor
  10. The Walking Dead season 8 premiere was insane ! But it defo did not live up to its 100th episode anticipation :) #NegansLucille

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OverwatchTho
    3. DrPhilandChill


      It had call backs to ep 1, honestly it didn't need anything else for being ep 100.

      But yeah chapter 100 was definitely a better 100 (Negan's introduction).

    4. Aralornx


      Episode was very satisfying to watch! cant wait till next week!

  11. My man just became commander! Congrats mate!

  12. Enjoy your STA Anima, it is 100% deserved. Kick the feet back and dont look at the forums for a week :) Enjoy!

  13. Holy sit outta left field my guy becomes a Commander. Grats buddy!

    1. Raptor


      Appreciate it mate! Looking forward to the future :D

    2. OverwatchTho
  14. Fantastic work to everyone involved in this wipe! You guys have really been killing it lately with the wipes been thrown at you guys, and i especially thank you @nNised for hosting this wipes ! :D
  15. At the current state, it is just used for testing purposes. Eventually alot of things will be improved upon to accommodate cars, but we will see what the developers will do with them :)