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  1. Wasaaap

    hello m8's
  2. no i dont think so, i just think that to open cases is a dead investment
  3. no you cant see yourself when playing, so there is no place for armour skin.
  4. m9, bayonet ruby karambit lore butterfly fade, ruby, crimson web
  5. close range is spam crouched, meduim range i tap crouched or standing, and long range i tap rouched really slowly so the recoil can reset.
  6. in order to be good with the awp you need to position yourself in good spots so you can fall back if there is more than one opponent. it will help alot to have good movement when awping.
  7. i have around 250-300 fps and 5-10 ping on swedish servers and 30-60 on other eu servers.
  8. you should give fast and quick comms and not backseat gaming telling your teamate what to do when you are dead.
  9. i would say consistency is when you are mostly on the same level and not good one day and bad the other. for example in csgo you get 30+ frags one match and then 10+ frags the other you are not that consistent.
  10. go and watch https://www.youtube.com/user/SoloRenektonOnly he has helped me alot.
  11. What type of headset should I buy?

    right now i have the hyper X, and i have had no problems with it. so would recommend it.