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  1. EPICENTER EU Qualifier

    Changed Status to Finished Poor performance, was an early game and everyone was a tired, but i think a change is needed.
  2. EPICENTER EU Qualifier

    Roster: @VoXonatoR @AlbinW @Luke10 @ChrisTurnip @ZaneW First match: 10:00 BST Qualifier: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/tournament/cbe46aa2-6c26-4ab9-aa7d-d7f014a5507e Streaming: FaceIT doesn't allow streaming.
  3. ECS Season 4 Qualifiers EU

    Changed Status to Finished
  4. ECS Season 4 Qualifiers EU

    Changed Team scores to 5 Changed Opponent scores to 16
  5. ECS Season 4 Qualifiers EU

    Roster: @VoXonatoR @AlbinW @Luke10 @ChrisTurnip @ZaneW First match: 18:00 BST Qualifier: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/tournament/41a5e277-d021-48c3-b466-18934e83a102 Streaming: FaceIT doesn't allow streaming.
  6. i dont feel like warming up helps a lot, but when i do, i spend around 20-30 mins on DM
  7. Consistency isn't 100% achievable, but to improve, you just have to play a lot with regular schedules to keep as consistent as possible.
  8. When Is Your Birthday?

    30th September!!!
  9. Cobblestone is my favorite and strongest map
  10. What type of headset should I buy?

    Logitech G430 is good
  11. Easiest way to avoid hackers is to get esea but that costs money.
  12. The deagle is fun but ak47 is headshot machine
  13. Hello!

    Hello all, Thanks for letting our team into this org. We are a high skilled EU csgo team hoping to be the best in this org. We are looking for a challenge so if any cs teams want to play were always able to play. Hope to meet and get to know everyone in this org! Add my steam :D : http://steamcommunity.com/id/VoXonatoR/