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  1. What do you do on a rainy day?

    Sleep I guess.
  2. Yeah. Gotta agree with dat. :)
  3. Invoker - "I'm a beacon of knowledge, blazing across the black sea of ignorance,".
  4. For me it's either lina or cm.
  5. Wussup

    I play csgo for fun too. Hope we could get along well.
  6. Who's your waifu?

  7. Favorite Anime OST?

    Yeah, i meant Unravel. Thanks for correcting me!
  8. Naruto Shippuden

    Some fillera are actually fun to watch. But if you want to finish watching naruto quickly i suggest watching fillers when you're in the mood for it. Im sad that naruto has already finished. Can't move on to watch boruto. Lel. :P
  9. top 5-10 anime's all time

    I'll try to watch them. Thanks for the list!
  10. Who's your waifu?

    I dunno why but if I have to choose a waifu I'll choose rin from the music video Shelter.
  11. Shelter

    I know it's not new but what do you guys think about Shelter by Madeon?
  12. Hentai?

    R u all in a boku no pico fandom?
  13. what anime are you watching right now?

    This may sound old but I'm currently watching Fairy Tail.
  14. Anime I should watch?

    I suggest watching twin star exorcist it has 50 ep.