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  1. Thanks, Capps! Yes, I definitely put in some time before the health issues and having to move kinda consumed me. The one thing that has not changed one bit since before I joined the first time, and put up with before coming back is solo queuing. It is much better playing with friends and people who have a common interest and goal playing the game, and that is to get better. Have Fun and not get tilted constantly because one person won't change at the request of the other team members, or they are just plain throwing to troll. With that said, I hope you are thus far finding your experience fun and enjoyable. Cya in TS. Ret
  2. Hey Peeps, I just wanted to say hello again to everyone past, present and future. Many of you know that I went through somewhat a stormy period that had a role in my losing membership status. Things are again looking up, so I resubmitted my application for membership again so that I can hang out with all the wonderful peeps in this clan once again. Thanks a ton to PuffDaddy for taking the time the other night on getting the ball rolling for not only myself but two other initiates, who with some help and guidance from everyone in the clan will in time become full members. If I don't get a chance to chat with some of you in TS, or for that matter, play alongside any of you in a game before the holidays, I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year. Ret
  3. *Splutters coffee all over screen* 

    Oh my god Man! It's been so long

    Welcome back mate!

  4. Wassup my dudes! :D

    Welcome Devin! Although I have played Rocket League, I am not very good by any measure. If LucioBall ever comes back to Overwatch, I will surely take on that challenge. The two games are similar, yet different, but its the only one I know that I could at least give you a challenge. I am sure you will find what you are looking for in terms of players and members who share your interests in terms of gaming. Get through the initiation process and the rest is cake!
  5. Sup everyone

    Hey Skull, We have already had a chance to meet in game. I just wanted to welcome you formally here in the threads and I hope you find what you are looking for with DI. There are a lot of great people in this clan and I am sure you have already had an opportunity to meet many of you fellow Overwatch players in Div III. If you need anything or have a question, just ask. Welcome Ret
  6. Poor Graphics card feels

    I'd really utilize the link Drunk Guy sent. First off, I would be willing to bet that the power supply in that Envy does not exceed 500 watts if that. Second, putting a 700 series card of any kind in would probably fail because of their power draw. A 900 series would actually be better in terms of lessening the load on the 12 volt rail, but I still think its a reach at this point. I truly think your going to need to look at a completely new rig to gain the desired game play and visuals your desire.
  7. Corsair Link Issues

    FYI, To those of you who have been using Corsair Link to monitor your Closed Link Water Coolers and such. It appears the latest version has fixed the RGB-LED lighting issues that were plaguing systems. Basically, if you set your coolers LED to show another color, it would default to the Red (Threshold met or Exceeded) color to warn you. The new update apparently has fixed this. I updated it on my system and changed the cooler to the color I wanted and set the threshold to red default and it's staying with my default. (Not Overheating) green. It is also working properly for the Corsair Vengeance RGB LED Memory as well.
  8. Hello every one

    Welcome aboard Boos, Hopefully, you find what you are looking for here in Damage Inc. Many opportunities here to meet great peeps and play a plethora of games as well. Besides the constants and the ventures, many of us play a lot of new stuff as well. I am in the [DI-III] Overwatch Division, stop by and say hello sometime. Ret
  9. So I subscribe to Overwatch Curios, and this was posted today. Check this out.
  10. I know, just wish it would become a permanent mode cause it has legs to stay around for awhile, especially if comp is offered like it is now
  11. By the way, that was a very nice poll, however, I would have liked to have seen Lucio Ball in the Favorite Arcade mode. Even though it's only been around twice, some of the others you mentioned came and went at least in terms of being a selection in Arcade online, not customs.
  12. Mine would be Pharah because her character harkens back to the days when I played Tribes
  13. When using Pharah, if you use the E key push back with direct hit at the same time you direct hit with a rocket you can eliminate most heroes other than tanks
  14. Escape from Tarkov

    I am definitely getting better and better at staying alive longer, and, it sure helps when you at least know how to get the hell out at the extraction point. I actually more attuned to Shoreline than I am any of the other maps. I guess because it's an open map as opposed to Factory that I feel like I have a fighting chance.