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  1. Which advertisements do YOU see?

    get this one alot and ads for paragon
  2. lit drifting

    what even is this game am I just really stupid or does this look unfamiliar to anyone else?
  3. What do you do without internet?

    same or I get really sad and practice CS:GO XD
  4. That one guy who's new

    Welcome my young recruit :D message me on steam if you want to play :D
  5. when you do something wrong or valve just hates you you get a comp ban for some amount of time from 5 min to 6 months or permanent if you cheated
  6. when you dont rank up after 10 games in a row dropping a 40 bomb every time
  7. razer mouse vs logitech mouse

    Logitech is just better in always cheaper and better.
  8. very important if you want to kill more than one person with out stopping to readjust your aim
    1. Windchill


      XD doing this now so I dont have to latter


      done XD