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  1. Shiro L. I'm a Sona one trick on EUW though, because my ping is too high to play my other champs.
  2. I'm pretty cool with it. My main girl Cassio is stronger than ever and support actually feels like a decently strong role.
  3. Yeah best to just mute players like that. Sometimes I'll get sassy with people like that(it can be funny), but I feel like that's not for everyone.
  4. I'm not on EUW much, but I've got a smurf by the same name. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Shiro+L I was originally going to play Cass/Zyra, but found I can't play them on 130 ping. So instead I'm going to see if I can one trick Sona to gold. Not sure if I'll even have enough time to climb(I'm quite busy with school and work), but I wouldn't mind adding people and maybe even duoing sometime.
  5. It's probably the end for this season. I kind of rushed to get gold before school started. :p Planning to go for plat(or higher) next season, though!
  6. I'm really excited for the new rune system myself. I'm hoping we'll be able to play around with the new system a bit more to fit our playstyle, instead of just copying whatever rune combination works best for our champion.
  7. I usually just mute them, but sometimes I'll troll them for the luls. Stuff like criticizing their gameplay(it really makes them mad) or leaving them to die and then question mark pinging them. I'm probably a little bit toxic myself, but hey, at least I'm only toxic to people that deserve it. haha
  8. Either Taliyah or Nidalee, because I like both champions and I can tell I have a long way to go on them.
  9. Bronze actually isn't hard to get out of if you belong in a higher elo. I've done it twice now in both season 6 and 7. So if you're stuck in bronze, then I'm sorry but you probably belong in bronze. All I can suggest there is to try new champions/roles and think about how you can improve. Op.gg and game replays are good for that. Also, I don't know if you play mid, but I know the guy who wrote this and he really knows what he's talking about. You'll start to understand where you need to ward and why as you get better at the game, but I think guides are a great place to start. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZlglI9ZufDIdd8kJSvBLJByci0XX_7bPlktbluEqr54/edit
  10. I'd say find a champ or two you like and play ranked. Normals are great, but ranked is going to be the best to gauge where your skill level is at. And if you have ranked anxiety, then playing ranked will help you get over that. If you end up unable to climb from whatever elo you're in, then that's where you belong right now. And there's nothing wrong with that. Myself and many others in gold+ started in bronze. Apart from that, read guides and watch streams. Perhaps even more importantly, read what your abilities(including your passive) do.
  11. For some reason it didn't cross my mind, but I can definitely see mana management being something people would struggle with. I feel like her mana is actually pretty good once you get tear, but it's really easy to run out before that. I usually focus on farming and small trades, then go for a kill once I have my tear. What kind of champions do you guys like to recommend to people? I feel like a lot of the strong champs *coughs*Taliyah*coughs* are even harder to get into than Cassio.
  12. With Cassiopeia's new skin coming out, it has me wondering if any new players will take an interest in her. However, every time I recommend that someone gives Cassiopeia a try I hear a common complaint: that she's hard to play. Not only do they say she's hard to play, but they say that other, equally hard champs are more rewarding to learn. The truth is, I honestly can't tell if she's hard to play or not. She's my most played champion and I'm so comfortable on her that playing her feels like less effort than playing Annie. When I compare her to the other mid laners I like - Taliyah and Viktor - Cassiopeia feels just plain easy. So I'm curious what those of you who aren't Cassio mains think. Is she actually hard and if so, why? Is it worth recommending her to people looking for a new champion anyway?
  13. I've heard some pretty bad things about plat and D5. That said, I've climbed from bronze to gold and I noticed different types of toxicity in each elo. Bronze - While there's teammate blaming in every elo, there was a lot of this in bronze. It wasn't unusual to have a 3/14 Yasuo flaming his team and calling everyone trash right before trying to 1v3 and feeding them another kill. Pointing out how bad this person is playing would often result in them trolling/going afk. Silver - When I went through silver there were a lot of players trying to tell me what to play. Usually they wanted me to play a tank when my pick intent was Cassiopeia top or Zyra support, but sometimes they'd try to make me play a meta pick because it's "op". I even had a few people ban the champion I wanted to play. One particularly noteworthy pick that got me flamed was Cassiopeia ADC; the rest of my team was entirely AD and enemy team had tanks, but naturally no-one understood the logic behind my pick. Gold - I haven't been in gold long, but I can honestly say it feels less toxic than bronze/silver. Usually when someone is toxic it's because my lane lost pretty hard and no-one else on the team did well enough to carry. That said, I've spent much less time in gold than in bronze and silver.
  14. I got out of bronze playing Cassiopeia before I knew how to play Cassiopeia. This was literally me (notice how I don't kite at all). That's probably not very helpful, but my point is you can get away with a lot of stuff in bronze. So play what you want and if you're decent at the game, you'll climb. xD
  15. Orianna's who I'd play. Though personally I like Taliyah and Cassiopeia a lot more than both.