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  1. Tbh I enjoy playing as a team, I couldn't play ark solo anymore, deplomacy and the constant threat of getting wiped is what makes ark addictive.
  2. Division IX is currently running on an official server and owns our own unofficial pve servers if u want to join us. Currently our official base isn't setup for breeding but we could always use more farmers, builders and tamers
  3. metal

    Oh yeh metal all the way, Disturbed being my favourite band
  4. attack on titan season 3 confirmed

    I only watch dubbed and haven't finished seeing season 2, already can't wait for season 3
  5. Ice Cream Poll

    I could have ice cream but it's not nice with sensitive teeth
  6. Thanks dude I'm sure this will come in handy
  7. best anime openings

    yep my favorite opening as well
  8. Anime I should watch?

    Just to name a few I enjoyed a lot: One Punch Man Magi Magi : the adventures of Sinbad Blood Blockade Battlefront
  9. Hi! - Jovack

  10. may not be very cheerful but 'Never rely on anyone'
  11. Eels, fk those guys massive aggro radius and attacks u like a jellyfish only moves faster
  12. I don't have a favourite restaurant but as fare as meals go it would be the chicken bacon deluxe from maccas
  13. Gday Mate

    Gday Damage Incorporated, as u can obviously tell my name is Vomakith and i'm gonna force my introduction upon u all. So first of all I'm Australian which puts me in a bit of a disadvantage due to my time zone, but stuff it its the weekends playing along side u all that really counts to me. As far as what games I play atm I'm mostly playing Ark though I do enjoy getting out of the grind on occasion and playing War Thunder, Planet Side 2, Diablo 3 or maybe even trying out a few other games the rest of the community plays. My main source of entertainment is from playing along side a team, preferably on coms, running around with random scrubs isn't my thing so most games i play i tend to put a lot of time into finding the best way to play which usually results in joining a group. Though be aware I have a habit of running my mouth especially when I get salty, though I do still see myself as a prettying nice guy. Anyway I guess I could keep goin but stuff reading anymore, I'm always happy to chat n if u see me on TS feel free to pop in with a Gday mate :)
  14. when ur offline auto turrets n plant x are ur best friends as well as stacking structures ie walls, foundations, ceilings. When there raiding u when ur online everything comes down to prior preparation, ballista/rocket turrets are an easy option to defend against raiding dinos like brontos n turtles (yes turtles), otherwise if u can exit ur base then grab a longneck rifle of good quality ramshackle - journeymen and snipe in the bushes causing chaos. Although with an organized group and prior prep u can have a plan already setup to counter the raid more effectively, which falls upon leadership to organise.