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  1. Guess next person to post?

    Psychic :O
  2. When Is Your Birthday?

    March 30th :D
  3. Recommending Death Note

    It is insanely good not something you can watch mindlessly but thats what I like about it, its a real shame about the ending could have been 10/10.
  4. Count to One Million

  5. Anime I should watch?

    Hunter x Hunter is a must watch imo has like 150 episodes should keep you busy.
  6. top 5-10 anime's all time

    1. SAO (has flaws but was my first ever anime so it made a big impression) 2. Hunter x Hunter 3. Attack on Titan 4. Baby Steps 5. Haikyu
  7. saddest anime?

    Some recent ones I've noted: koe no tachi and March comes in like a lion (won't make you cry but its depressing)