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  1. You should use something that prevent the tr to be set (for example a taun user) or a slow pokemon which can counter the pokemons that gives you more problem under the tr (for example aegislash is a very good tr counter)
  2. i think that wiki berry lele couldn't be as good as it seems, maybe a faster lele with psychium z or life orb could be more useful (i think that the common counters of tapu lele would get an OHKO on it anyway, so running something faster to get some ko before it could be a better idea). i like the idea of heatran with ancient power (to do big damage against CharY i suppose) but i think that the standard earth power could be better, mainly because it doesn't get the ko on charY and by this way you don't touch other heatran, so, assuming that heatran counters charY thanks to his ability, it's better to counter other heatran instead of charY. you have also hydreigon and av landorus to counter charY and, if you swap the wiki berry on lele with the psychium z, also lele can ohko him (charY can ohko lele only with overheat)
  3. Next goal: bringing breloom in top20


    1. AmirAlexander


      my breeloom <3 

      wp bro

  4. @Neix https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/ If you're interested in how the official tournament system works there you can find all the information you need :)
  5. Yes, there's a ranking system. there's also a point system, which you can obtain partecipating to irl tournaments (the amount of them depends on your position at the end of the tournament) and, by the amount of the points you collected you can have some advantages like paid trip for events. For example with at least 300 of them you receive an invite to the worlds and if you're in the top 16 by amount of them you receive the paid trip for the world (this is for the Europe, i don't remember how this works for pther countries). there's also an unofficial online simulator (pokemon showdown) which you can use to train or try new team, there's also some unofficial formats that are very funny and "enjoyable".
  6. Pokemon isn't only a single game, there are online battles and, unlike what is usually believed, the mechanics behind them are not as easy as they seem and, at high level, there's a lot of strategy behind everything. there's also a huge comunity around these battles and a lot of in real life tournaments, like local events, regionals, internationals and a world championship.
  7. no words needed, just choose wisely, choose rowlet.
  8. i should be available everyday from fryday between 3 and 11 pm CEST, feel free to pick a day and hour :)
  9. This is quite funny, i've literally done only one match ahaha
  10. Some time ago i've made a team with that core, but, unfortunately, that team doesn't work very well atm (i'm working on a new version). If it's helpful i can send you it to use as base for your team :)
  11. Favorite anime of all time

    No game no life, fairy tail, drifters
  12. Count to One Million