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  1. Agreed, Arcana SF and the immortal for SF and the dance taunt :)
  2. I wanted to very briefly share an event that @ImAKitteh is starting Friday the 29th and running through January 1st, 2018 @ImAKitteh will be conducting a charity stream that will be going on from the 28th to January 1st. 3PM EST to 9PM EST You can find him on http://www.twitch.tv/The1Kitteh Here is His Bio: "Several years ago I became ill with Severe Ulcerative Colitis. It was an incredibly difficult experience, lasting two years, 8 month of which were spent in a hospital bed. The illness ended up taking an immense toll on me, both physically and mentally. Thankfully, I was blessed with friends and family that helped me get through my ordeal, even if at the end of it I was left with no choice but to have my large intestine surgically removed, an event that I am dealing with to this day. Having experienced the challenges of such a horrific illness, even if at the end of it I was left with no choice but to have my large intestine surgically removed, an event that I am dealing with to this day. Having experienced the challenges of such a horrific illness myself, the thought of a young child or infant going through a similar experience makes me terrified. Some of these kids may be a part of a family that simply does not have the ability to finance treatments that could save the child's life or help elevate the child's quality of life." Support Our Steamer! http://www.twitch.tv/The1Kitteh ~Black
  3. No need to message me, you are welcome to join any team you want...they are all within this division
  4. Hello, for anyone interested in trying a new game, and/or getting more experienced with Dota2, DI will be hosting a coaching event this Wednesday at 7PM EST by one of our top players, ImAKitteh ( https://www.dotacoach.org/ImAKitteh). He is one of the top coaches via dotacoach.org and has been placed in the top 3% of Dota2 Players around the globe. He has a great deal of insight/training to offer to all players. Please RSVP to the event if you are interested. https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/event/4902-coaching-by-imakitteh-top-rated-coach-in-dota2/
  5. Hello, Division VIII will be holding a mandatory meeting to discuss recruitment, events, teams and any additional open forum items you would like to bring to the table. The Date is August 26th at 2:00PM EST. Please RSVP on the calendar. If you cannot make it, please provide me with a reason. Thank you!
  6. Hello Everyone, That's right! You could win the new Pudge or Rubick Arcana that will be released soon, courtesy of me personally! What do you need to do to win this award? Find DI an elite 5k Team to join DI's Dota2 NA Division (Division VIII). The first person to do this, will be awarded the new Arcana! Are you up to the challenge? Requirements to win the Arcana: 1) Recruit 5 new members who have never visited the DI Teamspeak nor have had previous membership in DI. They cannot be any of our current visitors and/or initiates. 2) These 5 members must become initiates and become accepted as full members in DI. 3) These 5 members must be 5k MMR or greater and have a competitive elite team in our division. 4) Per DI's rules, all 5 members must abide by the Code of Ops. Once all 4 requirements are met, you will be awarded the Arcana. This Arcana will be awarded to every DI member who completes this task. So, in theory, I could end up awarding 4 Arcana's to 4 different members (which means we would have four 5k teams equaling 20 new members). The contest will end on November 1st, 2017. Finally, if you need assistance in "pitching" a team, I can assist at any time! Good luck recruiting!
  7. And just as I posted this I did a BS Mid..went 39-5-7, ended in 43 minutes and got 2 different rampages in the game :)