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  1. Games for free to play

    warframe fun farming game
  2. Soo, who's hyped for Rick and Morty?

    best show ever
  3. Yoo thats scary we will make sure every last one is dead on Ark Then We can tame mantis's
  4. so true I like it when they do that haha
  5. they are but they don't like it when you wanna give them a hug
  6. lystro dodo jerboa raptor proloptdon
  7. Favorite TV show

    The Walking Dead XD
  8. Yooo I would get the twitches too yoo yeahhh it took me so long to do my basic base's (I Call it my Cabin) inside haha and yeah that mod would be great also for in pvp if you want to make your walls out of vaults then it snaps on easily
  9. Nice Dude I think a lot of people get OCD if they are building on ark lol
  10. wow this is very helpful thank you
  11. welcome to my profile