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  1. Interesting but it's a hard pass for me. I'm having enough trouble keeping up with real life and the current forum rules as it is; don't need more "divisions" even if it isn't official/mandated
  2. pre-ordered games

    Pre-ordered the new Kirby game and, even though it's very premature, Amazon already let me preorder Smash bros so...yea
  3. My girlfriend cries right there with you but I think we started for them after you did so...I guess you two are racing now
  4. Yes :( It took me ~40 for Poipole and somewhere between 300-500 for the other two, respectfully
  5. In the same time my girlfriend has been trying for Poipole I got: Shiny Poipole Shiny Stakataka Shiny Pheromosa I am at wits end and she's angry with my luck! I've stopped playing my game (currently at 0 tries for Nihilego) cause I fear the end of my relationship XD
  6. Depending on the Pokemon, I take breaks. Usually if it's an SR, after like a week I feel it just needs to be "reset" so I'll go hunting something else or I'll go train or whatever and then come back. If it's breeding, I usually stick to it until it appears
  7. Girlfriend and I are trying to finish Dex before reaching to get UBs cause we're Shiny hunters. If anyone has Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, and/or Blacephlaownekebdlon please trade with me, I'll trade with my girl, and then trade back. Promise!
  8. I hope it's not Bulbasaur cause it gives more hope for more hype for only Kanto starters getting love and if Charizard continues to get pimped out, I'm officially marking Gen I as my least favorite. I'm okay with Bellsprout but I prefer Oddish cause it opens the door to Gen II and I'm all for that. I never said the leaker said anything on mega stones; I'm just speculating. Distribution was horrible and the ones in SuMo, outside of post game, were limited. I'd like to imagine they'd rectify that. And more Z moves are a given, but they're boring and predictable. If that's the only thing we'll see Friday, I'm very disappointed already. We already knew/speculated mimikyu and togedemaru getting a z move; give me more new shit
  9. That's what I wrote and was referencing in the initial post XD. I'm hyped if it ends up being true.
  10. It's all good XD And agreed! I'd like to think it would be better this time around but idk...
  11. Someone leaking IRL while having presence in the game...that feels very ballsy! I wouldn't have the guts to do that! Well, all the stones were eventually released as mystery gift items but I get you. I think they'll release more of them; be it in tree, or this new factory feature (also something the leaker/Riddler said would come), or walking normally like in XYORAS. I don't like mega evos much, or at all, but I agree that distribution for this game was annoying. YES
  12. So, apparently, we're getting a video this Friday. Speculation has it being that it'll confirm mega stones will be part of the original/first run of the game and not post game (which I feel is a given, or at least pretty solid, with the changes in the Pokedex already including more megas) but also speculation of more Alolan forms. If you remember, or did not know, a lot of SuMo info was leaked by someone called the Riddler (I think it was what he was called) and while a some of what was leaked did not come true the first time, a lot did. Same thing is sort of happening with uSuM: rainbow Rocket being one of the things. Supposedly, he says that an Alolan version of Oddish exists and, the supposed Pokedex leak had Zubat potentially being shown as a dark type. This opens the door for not only more Alolan forms but for more outside of Gen I, which I'm all for. What are you thinking we'll learn this Friday? If more Alolan forms are happening; are you excited about the potential of these two? What Pokemon outside of Gen I would you like to see get an Alolan form? All I want is ALOLAN CYNDAQUIL/TYPHLOSION
  13. Great match! Would've liked to have been there live to have truly lived it
  14. I don't have any specific UB world in mind but I'm curious about just how much can be explored in general. I know that the areas looked big but I'm wondering how much of it is explorable and how much is just background art. If I have to pick, I'd like to see UB Adhesive / "Sticky" and it's environment. Also, but this is just my shiny hunting side, I'm wishing that because they're in an ancient of their own it means we can shiny hunt (but I doubt this one)