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    I enjoy playing guitar & singing, exploring nature, running & anything that involves a good adrenaline rush ( Sky-diving, Bungi-jumping etc. ) And last but not least, having a few beers with my freinds.
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  1. what is the best RPG that you played?

    Wow, Dark souls series, Witcher series or Bloodborne.
  2. Damage Inc Jersey Design

    Absolutely Phenomenal.
  3. Hi

    Hey Paul, welcome to the community. Enjoy your time here and good luck with the Initiation process!
  4. Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here and good luck with the initiation process.
  5. @FrostyI probably haven't replied to him because I'm currently house marshal on Global Realm 2 and that's my main focus, I also am busy with Christmas Holidays and won't be more active until after January the 1st. I only get enough time to check in on DI, keep my posts / activity up and repair villages right now.
  6. H13 isn't a viable option for me, I've planned to be with Dave1 in House 1 for months and I have allies in H1, 6 and 9 that I've known for years. I'd much prefer if you guys came with me over to house 1 as I can't bring an entire alliance with me to H13 and I have friends I wish not too abandon. I'm also in a situation where if I we're to switch I'd instantly make my entire faction a target in the heart of the H1, H6 and H9 territory. You guys have 6 DI members where as I have an entire team with me. It'd be much simpler for you guys to come with me. Let me know what you think @Frosty
  7. Ahh I see, well I don't believe I'll be joining Trickhat but if you decide later on you'd wish to join us I'll find my fellow DI mates a spot. My faction name Primeval Is a brand I plan to use for DI as a division "DI Primeval" I just haven't decided which game I wish to use it for yet. Drop me a message in-game and perhaps we could talk about working together or merging ya? I'll take the DI guys such as yourself but I won't be doing dealings with H17 right now.
  8. @Frosty I was completely unaware as was moshay08. We came here with our group from Global Realm 2. How many DI players do you have and are you guys putting time and effort into this world? If so possibly we could come together as a team / one faction depending on how many each of us have. I still need to get rid of a few people from mine that aren't putting in enough time.
  9. @GreatJackal Yes I play mobile and am house marshal on Global realm 2 where we have been absolutely dominating the entire world map.
  10. Game Of Thrones

    Better end with jon alive >.<
  11. Has anyone tried out the DI hoodies yet? I was wondering what the quality and comfort is like for them, I've wanted one of these since we first talked about it back in 2013 lol.

    1. Risky


      I have! It's suuuuper comfortable, and it actually is really warm in outside weather. I got the one with the zipper, I dunno about the actual hoodie.

    2. CindersKnight


      I saw a couple folks with them at the RL meetup and they looked really nice.  I'd also left from home where it was 95 and got to the cabin where it was in the 60's and so was pretty chilly  -  Was definitely wishing I could buy one right there as I didn't execute the foresight to  bring anything besides shorts and tees.

    3. Oshanix


      Awesome i'll have to get one then, they look great on the front I just wish there was something on the back 

  12. I've been hoping mobile will make it take a turn for the better, as of now I've actually been playing mobile myself as well.
  13. Introduction of a former member.

    Thank you all, it's great to be back!