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  1. #GreyIsBae man I once took the double dart mod, the 1 tile range decrease really got into me bad lol. after seeing I cant dart some people I normally could, I just changed back to slow lol. great guide all in all, Senpai approves :v
  2. Pfff I play Elle like a suicide shotgunner with fetter, everyone is like wtf are you whn I fetter xD @Blizzardrip when did you get here
  3. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

    can play after this match :v
  4. what anime are you watching right now?

    Binging Hunter x Hunter, its pretty fun, loving Hisoka
  5. Two truth and a lie

    Your lazors of hope carried me :3 rip I got called out on 2 lies, maaaaaaaaan. inb4 someone says the #BlameShado is the actual lie
  6. Two truth and a lie

    Maaaaaaaaaaaan, am I that obvious?
  7. Two truth and a lie

    I was real sad when I won LemonTeam on the fight to first slot in the tourney cause he was so determined to win and I had no reason to win We always #BlameShado, we lose or we win Queen carried me to first spot in the 2v2 tourney
  8. Hmmmm that sounds familiar, Right, @Barachiel?

    Rip paint my old comrade :(
  10. Just have a Grey on Nix and the Nix is pretty screwed :3
  11. Love Darting nix as Grey :p or Take Aim! revealing with Khita lol or a lot of other stuff like Rooting with Asana thingie right the turn he wants to invis
  12. That's a nice guide right there ^^ and a good amount of humor used :3 buuuut anyhowwww, since the day I started playing and loving Grey, I vowed to never play Nix, and always hunt em down =p so I shall use this guide against all those Nix players and reveal them!