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  1. so since its the holiday season, all the winter skins came out again. what's your fav? do you like something old, or something new? I LOVE the deer poppy skin omg i bought it so fast
  2. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    cinnamon waffles <3
  3. What do you do out side of gaming?

    no, i only know how to make simple cakes
  4. What do you do on a rainy day?

    never??? where the heck do you live- a desert? the arctic?
  5. Fan Art Contest

    oooh I would definitely be interested! i just dont play overwatch much anymore
  6. Killer's Art!

    yay the actual art sub forum is back lol
  7. What kind of piercings do you have?

    i don't have anything fancy, just my ears pierced. i wanted lip piercings but my parents wouldn't allow it, lol
  8. genji because hes a meme and a robot ninja warframe
  9. Hello from Ireland!

    Hello! We do have dota events going on regularly, you're welcome to come!
  10. Greetings from Corvo

    Hi Corvo! Until you get a mentor, your team leader can help answer your questions! I hope you enjoy your time in DI :3
  11. Greetings From DuskFall

    Hi Carlisle, welcome to DI! Do you mostly play FPS?
  12. My introduction

    Welcome to DI Skillershark! I hope you enjoy your time here. Who're your favorite gods to play in Smite?
  13. Hello fellow gamers

    Welcome Tom! I hope you enjoy your time in DI.
  14. my problem is I can’t stop playing dota please help me