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  1. grats :D, and gold is somewhat of a big deal imo
  2. i love cats hahah

    I have what used to be a handfull of kittens, now they're 3 fully grown cats, none of which fit in my hand
  3. That's good, glad to hear it ^^ good luck climbing
  4. Hey! I'm a support main not an adc main but I definitely see how a lot of adcs position before team fights and during them. Generally before a fight you want to try to poke a little but if anything dangerous starts to happen back up immediately, if the enemy team engages on you as adc they will win the fight, you want to lower them a little before a fight to pressure whatever objective. During a fight, don't ever go into their tanks melee range even if there's a low hp carry you think you can kill, just stand whereever you feel safe and attack the most threatening target in range. It's a very dangerous misconception that you need to focus the enemy carries, because as adc it can be a very bad idea to try to go past their front lines, just hit who it is safe to and you'll usually win fights. After a team fight if there's anybody on the enemy team alive, think if anyone alive can solo kill you, if so, follow your team and claim any open objectives. If not, you can push a different lane. Always be trying to think if you'd try to solo kill you if you were playing the enemy's champion. In laning phase play to your champions strength, don't let your support force you to play outside what your champion is good at. Poke and avoid trades as mf, pressure cs as draven, trade a lot as jhin etc. Hope this helps a little
  5. I don't do them either, I used to a couple years ago very briefly, but it broke some visual effects and I didnt want to bother anymore
  6. I'm so glad custom skins are a thing
  7. Note to other support mains btw, warding the enemy jungle goes a really long way to preventing the enemy from ganking and allowing counterjungling and provides a ton of map pressure because you can way out rotate the enemy team. Just.. watch bot lane and make sure their jungle shows top before you go into their jungle alone :P (Especially with new duskblade the enemy jungle is a much scarier place)
  8. Some Math for you guys.

    That's alot of posts
  9. Some counters are really hard and matter really at every level of play for example a lissandra vs zed mid lane matchup. It really doesn't matter the skill level of either player, similar things happen top lane aswell with teemo or quinn vs certain melee champions
  10. Out roam her, get ganks if you can't solo kill her.
  11. Play a ton of games on her. Her mechanics are a bit annoying to get used to
  12. Yeah if he lands like, 2 autos you have a very good chance of having to burn flash or even dying when neither has an advantage, it's a little silly, it's not that bad for ranged champions though, especially Quinn and Teemo with blinds