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  1. Overlord

    1 month to go
  2. its so windy where i live right now, that the power goes out every once in a while, its just a flick usually, but its frustrating
  3. Overlord

    https://myanimelist.net/anime/35073/Overlord_II now its for january 2018, its closing in boys
  4. Overlord

    its not there :(
  5. Overlord

    send me links to the subbed, im going thru withdrawl
  6. Overlord

    friend of mine learned japenese for this very reason
  7. Overlord

    i usually watch english cause the subs are hard for me (medical condition with my eyes) but im taking what i can get here
  8. Overlord

    wheres the subbed, english dubs usually take a year with rare exception (looking at you knights and magic, which isnt even that good)
  9. Favorite anime of all time

    my issues with sao are yui and arc 2 of season 1 (which almost everyone hates) i find the pacing to be pretty bad as well for the first season (skipping a lot) and as far as yui goes she proves that there is a main character safety net in the show and they wont sacrifice main characters for the sake of plot convince
  10. Need Anime

    i heard rumors that it got canceled for some reason still waiting for overlord season 2 and the movie of no game no life to be available to me
  11. Favorite anime of all time

    sao? ok time to culture you i want you to go watch overlord, log horizon, konosuba, and no game no life, dont come back till you are done
  12. Need Anime

    dragon maid no game no life re:zero overlord log horizon shakugan no shana magi: magician of the labyrinth black butler akame ga kill another (if you're into horror) konosuba Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records seraph of the end welp, i've done my civic duty for anime today
  13. Overlord

    weird, thing i saw said season two 9-13-17, was what it said
  14. Overlord

    saw an ad (poster like ad) that said 9-13-17, so yeah, looks like its gonna be real soon i vote someone live streams the first episode when it airs