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  1. Larger spawn areas Newmans freshly washed up on the beach should now be spread out a bit more as Andre has made the coastal spawn areas larger. With this, he’s improved on the spawn handler density enforcement. Optimization Andre is also working optimization in the realm of garbage collection. Garbage collection is used to free up resources in the game. Unfortunately, if garbage collection happens too frequently, it can be a source of poor performance. With this in mind, he’s eliminated a bunch of garbage collection allocations for various sounds and effects. Bradley progress Helk appears to be working on the Bradley APC, a functionality in the ‘Now’ category of the new roadmap. Although we don’t know if it’ll make it in this week, we can expect the first iteration of this new PvE element to patrol the launch site (and eventually roads across the map). AI progress Pal continues his work on the AI branch, further optimizing the navmesh grid. This navmesh is required for the upcoming Scientist NPC’s to navigate the complex terrain of Rust. Optimization is crucial, however, given the navmesh generation already bottlenecks when starting servers. Small backpack art Tom has committed the materials, textures, prefabs, and more for the upcoming small backpack. Although it is unlikely we’ll be seeing this backpack in game this week, this artwork is an important milestone in the process. Small monuments Vincent and Damian are making great headway on the small monuments branch. As mentioned in the recent devblogs, these small monuments will spawn on roads around the map and provide more opportunities for new players to loot. As with all monument and dungeon art, we can’t expect to see these in game till the next forced wipe at the earliest (on September 7th). Other stuff Fixes for OSX More description fixes and updates Removed max draggable from items (except liquids) *** Copy/Paste from: https://www.rustafied.com/
  2. Weapon flashlight The weapon flashlight is getting a significant buff this week with an added flare that can momentarily blind or disorient other players. In our testing this can change some PVP encounters in a serious way. Learned recoil tweaks Helk has changed the recoil on the LR-300 and the MP5A4 a bit more this week. The LR pattern is a bit more vertical before horizontal, but overall the changes have not really been noticiable in our testing. Other stuff Made snow mound edges even Burnt Human meat now uses the correct icon instead of cooked bear meat icon More item description updates and fixes Ore break effect increased in size to account for new ore models Fixed a bunch of bugs with rounding errors in resource dispenser Crappier tools now yield less total ore when playing the minigame (as intended) ****
  3. Omg!!!! you got owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. The WItcher Netflix Series

    Hooooo mama!!!!!
  5. Favorite TV show

    I'm with you... I hope they will bring back the show!!
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    Hi man, you are more then welcome to join us in Rust 😁
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    Welcome man, this is a grate clan!! Just have fun and stay active 😅
  8. Intro to Windchill

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  9. y not? if you know its a scam what is the problem?!
  10. a must see!!!! this is hullarious!!!!
  11. My man, unfortunately Miciuz has decided to leave his team and our clan. so i think you wont have an answer :\
  12. @Zafkiel how the hell you had the patience to write this guide.... omfg...
  13. Offense Defense Tank Support 1. Soldier 76 1. Junkrat 1. Orisa 1. Mercy 2. Bastion 2. RoadHog 2. Lúcio
  14. how us canadians get downnnn