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  1. Nice, we have Funny Friday today
  2. i know you are a god @Yoshi lol
  3. What are your goals in life?

    Be clever with those retirement funds, sometimes they dont really give you much as you think. Just think about how the 401k, thats pretty much a retirement found taken out of your income and some companies offer it but has a lot of hook and you need to read the smallest letters always. One way to make sure you investment will really give you money back is investing on something you know will multiply your money on the short term .
  4. What are your goals in life?

    Work on my Comedy stand up
  5. Console question

    i used to own a PS4 and i hate the PS plus, make you pay to be able to play online (and you are already paying for the internet service)
  6. Had you ever been Virtually Rape?

    People just like to find new ways to feel offended. Its just funny because they fight what they think can fight but you dont see this kind of people really throwing politicians out of their offices or spotting drug dealers. They always target topics that wont get them out their comfort zone
  7. Had you ever been Virtually Rape?

    hahahaha i agree. its like making illegal a kill spree on video games, in that case the industry will collapse
  8. Had you ever been Virtually Rape?

    Are you serious? I think thats one of the reasons why people wont be able to do Mods to GTA V. Such a shame but you cant say you had been virtually rape on a fake simulated violence game where pretty much you know thats why you are playing it. There are reasons why video games have a rating system.
  9. Console question

    hahaha sorry, the question was what do you hate about the console lol... little mistake.
  10. Console question

    What Console do you use? (PC too) What do you hate about your Console?
  11. Bad Jokes

    Not having a Job feels like a Friday every day... after paying your child support... a Like a refugee in Europe... with no benefits a Like a YouTuber... with Ads but not monetizing
  12. How damaged you need to be to do something like this lol