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  1. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    This was the one i made.
  2. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    Does this mean you are denying the signatures from being on the forums?
  3. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    Or just go with a universal one. Its up to yall. Like the same one i mean
  4. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    I pulled from a photo of the cookies from a photo i liked the angle of and could work with the angle better.
  5. How to make a signature?

    Yes that is my work :)
  6. ok sounds good ill look out for them. Will they be called combattag or battlefield or what title should i be looking for.
  7. ive never played the game before but i have the game and i really wanna play some rust with DI and meet some of the rust peps and earn a token for it as well.
  8. the rust calander is here https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/81-rust/
  9. Any of you know any other languages?

    help me relearn russian senpai
  10. she doesnt travel through time with her blink though she travels through time with her e.
  11. I think Throughust explaination was on point and makes a lot of sense
  12. that is so cool thanks so much i started learning tracer and ive been doing really good with her.