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  1. Favorite type of nut?

    I'm pretty sure peanuts are a firm favourite along the rocket league community @Metalingus
  2. Hello Thur!

    Ofcourse 😁 Ofcourse 😁
  3. Hello Thur!

    Thanking you both kindly 😸
  4. Hi Everyone

    Only had one training In rocket league with DI and was extremely fun and beneficial to me. Get in asap :)
  5. Yo guys its Dielabtec

    What strange bird are you? :o 🦅
  6. Hey guys im Vuz

    Hi there :3 what's the 7 day ban for? :o
  7. Hello Thur!

    Hi i'm the sneaky panda, I mostly concentrate on Rocket league but also play counter strike and Runescape. currently diamond standard on Rocket League and hoping to progress to the champions. :3