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  1. It was good ,but as a poster I have to assure that everything is alright.
  2. @WhatAPunt its not an insult. Its just that a lot of people are down and the world needed this thread. Plus it led to s pretty interesting argument.
  3. Nothing from me is an insult man.
  4. What's the definition of insanity

    Far Cry 3 was a good game :)
  5. This is lack of adaptation man. You will have to change at one point one way or another. The point is to know when to and what for.
  6. Elaborate please. Because I can not agree that a person lacks potential in everything. I see that everything id being compensated in one way or another. If someone is not good at biology ,mathematics might be his field. Every action has its equal opposite reaction, every down has an up , every minus has a plus and so on.
  7. I will assume you are a man of the facts and figures. I respect that ,but I don't see anything wrong with telling people that they are not dumb. Furthermore it can only help. Nothing has improved by underlining the problem without a meaningful solution. If you want to sit down and talk ,about it or if you have any suggestion I will be more than glad to sit down and discuss that matter with you. :)
  8. The Batman license is huge no wonder it took them so long.
  9. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Every negative, hate or trollish statement is just a post in this thread that gave up on his dreams."
  10. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Do you know how denying an idea before its presented is called? A bad idea."
  11. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "They muddy the water to make it seem deeper." - Friedrich Nietzsche
  12. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Keep calm, pick a goal and move on."
  13. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Do you need a reason to learn and keep going? 1: Knowledge is power. 2 : You are not dumb you can figure out the rest."
  14. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "There are no memories from sleeping." Note : Dreams are all nice and well ,but they are still not memories.