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  1. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Feeling are real ,but they are not reality." - Dan Harmon
  2. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "The only two directions you need are forward and up."
  3. Being called gay for liking to bake.

    +1 for you mate
  4. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    Well this kind of thread I have not seen in a while. Cheers to you all.
  5. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Strong body ,strong spirit" - Hippocrates
  6. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "I can't afford to hate people. I don't have this kind of time." - Bob Ross
  7. A curious question.

    Does any of you guys make animatics like this? (just an example) And if yes how? This looks really nice and feels as deep as the Mariana trench.
  8. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Smile and the world will smile with you."
  9. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "I've found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck. Take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often." - Brian Tracy.
  10. Yea I will do it pretty soon. I want to get the 3rd month and have only 3 months officer ban. If I had quit yesterday I would have the ban. Also @iFighter be more specific please.
  11. What do you do to fall asleep.

    Not looking at my phone. Taking a book and settling like this for about an hour. Always puts me to sleep.
  12. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Never make up problems that don't exist."
  13. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Don't be bad ,because being bad is no good" - A child I met today (literal translation) Note : Notivation can come from anywhere.
  14. For real @iFighter this postis too bleak be more specific. Because I know that our Division is not perfect and there are numerous ways to improve it I just don't have the time and I don't know if I won't have it any time soon. So its up to everyone in this great Division to make the push. And if I can be of any admistrative help I am ready.
  15. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "If you went back and fixed all the mistakes you've made, you'd erase yourself." - Louis C.K.