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  1. Very nice clips, what editing software do you use?
  2. nice clip next time you want to share a clip, upload it to youtube from playsTV and share the youtube link on the forum as then it will embed as a video on DI
  3. I have had this problem myself, the only advice i can give you is to play through it, C9 Nothing had a similar problem and he said 'everyone has bad days, weeks, months but if you are a good player then you can play through those bad performances and keep practising hard' also a slogan i have seen thrown around Liverpool FC is 'Form is temporary, class is permanent' meaning a few bad performances dont define you as a player but your overall skill does. i recommend changing a few things up in you practise schedule or maybe taking a break from CS for a few days. You may also be focusing on the negatives in your games and overlooking the positives, watch one of your demos and look for some things you did well hope this helped my dude, good luck getting to form again :)
  4. lel yes its important to have a mouse mat, get a large one as well if you can, you can a decent sized one for like £5-10
  5. you're handicapping your self by trying to adjust to a sens that isnt natural to you try 1.2 on 800 DPI
  6. you'd have to hold you breath when playing otherwise any movement and you'll look like a faze clan member
  7. yeah your sens is ridiculous as for the casual game they arent 64 tick so theres always a chance it wasnt registering as a HS thats why FFA 128 tick is better than volvo dm
  8. I would look at a few things before assuming its a fault with the game or crosshair etc 1. are you stood still when you fire? - this could be stopping you getting the hs if you havent fully stopped moving before you shoot 2. high sens - Is you sens to high meaning you always miss due to poor aim, i recommend 400 DPI 1.8-2.5 In game sens or 800 DPI 0.6 - 1.5 of course this is personal preference however people dont realise how much a low sens matters in CS GO, if you come from other shooters then this might be alien to you 3. Dot crosshairs - dont use dot crosshairs as they can block the persons head making you think you are aiming on them when in actuality you are slightly missing them 4. just play HS MOD FFA DM or Pistol FFA DM, Both will help you improve aim, i have sunk hundreds of house into improving my aim and i find just playing DM or even retake servers is the best way to improve
  9. Welcome to DI and to DI-IV, if you need any help be sure to message either myself or @Wintertime and we will help you out :)
  10. look at all those colors, my eyes are in love

  11. http://csgo-stats.com/9t8cydonia/ 64% Headshot ratio is all i care about my dude https://gyazo.com/87b1c79d50b22ab7d31da0b869c23a46
  12. having played PUBG for quite a bit now, I think battlefield is a good game for practising the sniping and general aiming down site, also battlefield 4 has all the same attachments as PUBG and they way you have to use cover is quite similar
  13. @Briar94 seeing as you are looking for text, mention competitive teams of all ranks and specifically high level coaching for players needing help to improve Its a very good poster though well done! thanks :)
  14. If you could give me info about the type of players you want and expectations that would be great rather than just saying a sentance