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  1. look at all those colors, my eyes are in love

  2. http://csgo-stats.com/9t8cydonia/ 64% Headshot ratio is all i care about my dude https://gyazo.com/87b1c79d50b22ab7d31da0b869c23a46
  3. having played PUBG for quite a bit now, I think battlefield is a good game for practising the sniping and general aiming down site, also battlefield 4 has all the same attachments as PUBG and they way you have to use cover is quite similar
  4. there is a coaching system in place which i have implemented a week or two ago, i assumed you signed up for it? and like fimfam said there is only so much you can teach a player, a lot is learnt by a player through practising and learning from his own mistakes. as for the separate rooms in our ts channel, i will get on it, the only reason there wasnt already as there was barely anyone in DI-IV so wasnt really an issue so yes i will sort it tomorrow or this weekend :) as for tourneys, anyone in DI-IV is welcome to form a team and participate in tourneys clan vs clan etc. as we are full on our comp teams however they wont be official teams until space is free'd up by all means organise games with the people you want to play with
  5. What you listening to?

    not for everyone but worth a listen
  6. The game has been around 16 years and it still gets over 9 million monthly active players with regular updates and a thriving Esports Scene If it isnt obvious already that cs is incredible addictive and fun to play then surely buying and playing it will show you once and for all. If not then you only lose £13 and £6 if you get cs when it goes on sale this xmas..........
  7. What you listening to?

    Great song <3
  8. I was always go RATNO, he got the pumpee or i go my man, he got the frisbee
  9. What you listening to?

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas <3
  10. farm as i am usually the only person who drops there and i get 4 houses and 2 garages to loot and 9/10 times i get everything i need

    either the counter cant keep up with the amount of posts you are doing or spam posts dont count

    on your profile, it has a counter

    thats not how this works, either make a jam sandwich or death and that init or whatever you know