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  1. @Insipid that's why alot of people will play ranked like it's normals - to get a more competitive game, not one where people could be trying new champs, etc. Alot of time the lvl 17 is a smurf, too. But....... the rage........ that game does not sound like it was fun lol!
  2. Our bronze team is currently full. We currently have three openings for our competitive teams, but they are 1 for silver to gold elo, 2 gold elo, and 1 plat or diamond. Please contact @Infinity if you are interested in one of these spots.
  3. only had enough orange essence because i hate most skins and turn them in lol. .... drum roll........
  4. Team Vinco has practice during the meeting time - so they would need to be excused

    1. Infinity


      excused. but you need to move the practice time, because we're having this meeting every monday night until eternity i think.  I was thinking you could be almost done and take a break for the meeting then play one more game or something. Or come to the meeting even if youre just finishing a game still.

  5. congrats on your promo to vice (justice) !

  6. We currently have two positions open for competitive teams on the NA server. One is for an all bronze team that will receive free coaching, and the other is for a high elo team. If you are interested and can commit to three practices a week, please message me privately at @Infinity In order to join a team, you must be an initiate (sign up here) or member of Damage Inc. If interested in the position, message me your IGN, rank this season and last season, and when you are available to practice (days of the week, times).
  7. had to post for all the god fist lee sin mains: @Th3B3ar
  8. lol i was wondering if anyone would get this. B3ar did. It's ahri's voice in league since yesterday lol. She is that girl walking into starbucks complaining about her nails and how daddy took her credit card as punishment for her not going to school. Or something like that lol. Very annoying haha.
  9. report ahri. she bm'd and confused the hell out of me with her bi-polar cheerleading commentary ALL GAME! reported! :::tilted::
  10. Next time I poke you for a matter respond please.

    1. TheLoneEagle


      Not appropriate as a status...

  11. Favorite Quotes

    rofl. DUDE. lol.
  12. Project Feed is needing two more solid players who can attend at least twice a week on a regular basis. Several of our members are limited to when they are able to attend, due to jobs, etc. Please contact @Infinity if interested. We have great things in our future!
  13. On August 11, Damage Inc's "Project Feed" Team competed in Tournament play and faced a team with a significantly higher ELO - "Unbreakable Diamond." "Project Feed" was victorious and went on to the second tier in the tournament. Project Feed was defeated by "Ignis Fatuus" and ultimately tied for fifth place. Damage Incorporated was represented by @Infinity, @fuuy12, @TheArcticNinja, @Sleeperbat, and @BBCLilo. Teamwork was strong and the strategic recommendation is that the team needs to practice together with its regular members in order to improve further. All players had played together many times casually, but rarely or never before as all five players together. Thanks to everyone involved! @Mista @PaladinAngel @GiveItToMeBaby @Summonedsniper @MikeyLikesIt20 @UnwantedBagel @BuffsOP @BootyDukes @iEcho
  14. so i'm laughing now.

    seen this before, always funny! start your day off right! :D
  15. Braum the Used Car Salesman. Instead of a giant shield, it's a car door. Cheesy quotes that a used car salesman would say lol.