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  1. I like soggy cereal, try it you'll see its amazing lmao
  2. Song of the Day

  3. What you listening to?

  4. Count to One Million

  5. Prettiest guys in the game?

    Thats just beautiful
  6. What Kind of Music Do You Listen to While Gaming?

  7. Killer's Art!

    Wow you're really good :o
  8. Anime I should watch?

    I watched Is it wrong ot pick up girls in a dungeon which was the last anime I watched and from what i remember, it was pretty good. I'd recommend Blue Exorcist, really liked that one
  9. how us canadians get downnnn

    hell yeah!
  10. What are you proud of?

    good luck :)
  11. Whats your dream job?

    Anything with science would make me happy so like Vet or like a biologist or something
  12. Hobbies everyone into?

    Archery, drawing and making music. :)
  13. Where are you from?

    I live in Quebec back in Canada in a lost town :)
  14. This is the weirdest combination i tried which was actually in a restaurant, it's a hamburger where you put cream cheese, peanut butter, ketchup and onions.. it's like the best thing ever? Seriously. Or i put ice in my cereal..
  15. ** A to Z - Eat or Drink

    Jalapeno :)