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  1. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    I had a similar experience where I nearly drowned due to a cramp in the middle of a lake. After that I've always been terrified of large bodies of water.
  2. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Afterall, it is the one enemy you can never escape. Sure it is!... Why though?
  3. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    What do you mean time is non-existant to space? The attributes of space changes all the time (subtle shifts in gravity for example).
  4. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Always remember that you're not alone! There will always be someone online willing to lend a hand.
  5. So... About My GPA :^)

    I'm in college studying physics and math currently, but I'm not sure I'll be able to help, as the topics taught are different in different countries. I'll try though if you have any questions! But if you really want good help it's probably best if you find a real certified tutor, which I think is hard to find here. If you have any questions about physics, I'll try to help :).
  6. If you were arrested for no reason.

    Drugs. Probably.

    Hell yeah, except that's a Blissey, not a Happiny. I'm still very flattered though :). But let's not forget about the mvp (most valuable pokémon). @Zezette LVL 100 Arceus
  8. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    It's a pretty common fear, and rightfully so! Untrained dogs, especially big ones, can be very dangerous when threatened or rabid. Being cautious around stray dogs is just common sense.
  9. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Well guess what the number one fear is? That's right, speaking in front of people. A.k.a social awkwardness.
  10. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Well, that's why people are afraid of heights in general, right? It's a very rational and common fear, but you can work your way out of it by challenging yourself :).
  11. your favorite youtube chanal?

    I like Soulsborne lore too. Have you watched VaatiVidya's videos? I think they are some of the most enjoyable videos on Youtube.
  12. Why did you join DI?

    Welcome! Glad you like it here :)
  13. THE KITTEN CABOODLE | zezette's december mentees

    This thread was so cute it turned me into a wuss. I had to punch a wall to feel manly again. Update: It didn't work. THE KITTEHS. THEY AWE JUST TOO ADOWABLE
  14. Bored?

    Play Super smash bros. for Wii U. But then again, I do that when I'm not bored as well :p.
  15. Why did you join DI?

    I joined DI because of the leadership. Dedicated people with high standards and the enthusiasm to make this the best clan ever such as @Zezette and @GreatJackal. They and many others are the reason I believe in this clans potential.