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  1. Music tastes?

    Oh hell yea my dude <3
  2. Guys I'm sorry for my inresponsiveness to all your pm's last week. I've been crazy busy and did not have time to read or reply at all. I'll try to go trough all of them this weekend.

    Imma need a personal assistant to keep up lol...

    1. Venomous3


      So that's why you havent answered any of my 32 pm's -.- Alrighty then.

      Haha, lmao jk jk :P

    2. DDevastatedTV


      I’ll be your assistant he he ;) no worries enigma ;) That what happens when your a general he he ;) and busy in real life 

  3. Hi Guys, I have a short tutorial down here on how to install and use the clan decal. I made it as easy as possible for you guys to use. Please note that you will be the only one who will see this decal. Other players will only see your primary color. Still it is nice to have our own decal, and also for community montage purposes. You will need to start by downloading the files with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/926jc4dt61d28mi/AABioEsn5OfDKNx8xgHFg9zVa?dl=0 This download contains 2 files. a uMod .zip file, and a folder with 2 textures as .dds file. You will need to start by unzipping the uMod files to a destination on your computer. As soon as thats ready, launch the uMod.exe file. under Main, in the menu, navigate to "add game". Go to this file destination: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rocketleague\Binaries\Win32 and select the rocketleague.exe file. After that, go back to menu, and make sure to check: "Use global hook". You need to do this for the mod to work. After that you can start Rocket League. You might be experiencing crashes, if this is the case, you will need to run RL in windowed mode. You can do this by going to the options >> graphics tab in the rocket league menu, and select windowed instead of full screen. When you have Rocket League running, you will see a new tab in uMod, calld rocket league. Right click in the white area at the bottom, and click on: "open texture/package". Navigate to the octane texture folder which is included in the download, and select both .dds files at the same time, then hit open. Now you need to go to your garage in Rocket League, make sure to have the octane selected, under the decal tab select none, and under paint finish, select black as accent color (this looks the best with the decal). Feel free to choose whatever color you desire as a primary color, as this is the color people will see when they play with you. Thats all guys, I hope i did not forget anything. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties, I'll try to help you out. Cheers! Update: Happy to tell you guys the dominus decal is now available for download trough this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s7i8kxe7dzzzf6l/AAAyR2x8LT_6HOdEEPe7MMsza?dl=0
  4. My life in a nutshell, 3 hours after my payout...


  5. Learn this!

    @Edge300 :p

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    2. Edge300


      Hehe, u only found this cuz of ME  lmao xD

    3. Enigma


      I expect you to play it at the RL event Falx. Don't disappoint me.

      Lol, thats why I tagged you @Edge300

    4. AnimaLibera


      I definitely want to hear this :)

  6. Guess who's back, ready to crush :)

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    2. AnimaLibera


      welcome back ^^

    3. Raptor


      Welcome back my man :D

    4. DDevastatedTV


      Welcome back, Come and play some thing different :P

  7. RIP


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    2. Enigma


      I think it actually might be 0.5 past 5 weeks :3

    3. AFDragon



      0 hours past 2 weeks :>

    4. Sona
  8. That moment your 300,- headphones just stop working :crying:

    I need music -_-

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    2. Zeduxirinio


      I quite like £10 ones. Cheap and Cheerful!



    3. EvoShocker


      I feel that. I couldn't live without my music. 😥

    4. zom33


      haha i have some really old cod headphones that have worked for ehhh since black ops 2? 2012 holy damn xD no idea how they still working i had meanwhile 4 headsets i used for school that have broken lol.

  9. OMG, that at 0:35 and 2:47 is me like a year ago xD lmfao watching this :D
  10. Did you guys know we have a forum for this? What is your sickest screenshot?
  11. Mine is definitely : FLuuMP His Channel (click) My reason for this is that he actually is so un biassed in his video's. Always pointing out facts rather than his personal opinion. He has video's where he analyses the entire play style of a player. He makes tutorials. He is actually the type of person who makes you look from an other perspective at the Rocket League community, tells you stuff not a lot of people knew, he knows his history, and he is just fun to watch in general. He has a good story telling voice which is nice to listen to, his video's in general are just so calm. I just enjoy every video this guy posts. He is someone who has a great impact on the Rocket League community imo. Who is your favourite Rocket League Youtuber?
  12. Damage Inc Jersey Design

    I FUCKING LOVE this man! Get me one!
  13. A Christmas present for the best <3


    1. Bent


      Bless the holy lord @Enigma for his christmas spirit

    2. Nyx


      Awww thank you so much I can't wait to play once I'm back in Ireland and recovered xxx

    3. Enigma


      Can't wait neither :)

  14. Dude no offence, but can you pleaaaaase change your profile picture. Im getting reports of epileptic people almost dying when they see a post of yours lol.

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    2. luigi


      ok i found it, i am not epileptic and i almost died

    3. JonnyBnator


      Holy shieeeet :D ok i understand now.

    4. KapJ1coH
  15. Now lets wait :D


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    2. Venomous3


      Hmm, yea. Might buy that one then. What should i write on it? "GreatJackal" ? xD

    3. Enigma
    4. Venomous3
  16. We did it @Abi :love:


    1. Abi


      Aye that we did! I got a tough act to follow now

    2. Enigma


      I'm sure you'll do great man!

    3. OverwatchTho



      Thank you for getting it for us :D 

      Best DI-V squad ever <3