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  1. It's a really shitty map in my eyes
  2. i have autism lets gooo

    shiiit im autistic apparently to :D
  3. Congrats on becoming Twitch Manager buddy :)

  4. Amazing bee fact!

    Thanks for letting us know spaghetti
  5. I don't say im bad with zen but totally not so good
  6. I need survival tips

    Just don't let them drink :D
  7. Congratulations on becoming a Full Member. Well done! c:

  8. What's Your Favorite Band?

    I like KISS ( i went to a concert of them) 24-05-2017
  9. DraplinJR Appreciation Thread

    Thats Sick
  10. I went to Kiss ( a american rockband) in Rotterdam 

    It was so Awesome


    1. LUNZEN


      Did you record that?

    2. NoS3nse


      @lunzen nah its just a video i got some clips on my phone

  11. Hi guys am away for a week to France Whats yours favorite vacation destination?? Mine is France
  12. Hey!

    Welcome to DI trooper
  13. Its That Boi

    Welcome to DI maybe we can play CSGO together maybe
  14. Meet Skill!

    Welcome to DI hope you'll like this clan