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  1. Just got put on casual A 

    1. Caroxia


      Okay i'll add you on our team topic! 

  2. Yep I agree with that ^^^^ lol arams are fun, sometimes I get champs that I don't like but then I tell myself that its a good occasion to practice it
  3. Ohhh OK! But are you still gonna come to my in-house events if it's a 5v5 on howling abyss??? D:
  4. I'm curious why not :o Same question, why not? Is it because you are a support main and you are used to play in the bot lane? Like map related
  5. It's a good question, I think the opinions might vary tho Personally I haven't played for too long yet (about 2 years) so I'm still learning about the game and I still think it's interesting.
  6. Hello @Sunny im your team leader, I just saw your request! I'll talk about this with the other officers of our division to see if they are looking for a support/ planning to make a new competitive team :)
  7. Hello all!

    Welcome!! :D
  8. @WintherMaw aweee he looks like me in the morning when i have to wake up "." lol maybe it's you actually >.>
  9. ohhhh ok lol!! I thought you could tell me hahaha but yes it is cute indeed :3 LOL thats what I thought or it could be a driving license :P @justJin you have to tell me what it is!!!!! :@@@ and what does it sayyyyyyyyy ;-;
  10. Oh lol what does it say? :D
  11. 9ebf7589b9180ec78f9762735832ca89.com

    heres a meme for you @lala \(^-^)/

    1. lala


      aww thank you Ch1cvQK.png

    2. Caroxia


      lol you're welcome (∪ ◡ ∪)

  12. Anyone else is watching the winter Olympics?? \(^-^)/ What is your favorite sport and why? Which country do you cheer for? ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓