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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to DI! Glad you found us! I will be moving this topic to the introductions section underneath our recruitment office on the forums. :)
  2. I like the new Star Trek Discovery series

    its confirmed for season 2 :D check it out here: http://tvline.com/2017/10/23/star-trek-discovery-renewed-season-2-cbs-all-access/
  3. I like the new Star Trek Discovery series

    I've watched it and really enjoyed it. However, it was released as a CBS Access Only Exclusive. I feel if it was aired on cable it would have been more popular rather than just being an extra service people had to pay for in order to watch it. Great show, loved the plot twists and new characters. And the way the season ended? *gasp* total hype, but won't give spoilers.
  4. How old is everyone?

    I age like cheese, gotta cut off the moldy bits to taste good. I think I just get grumpier and grumpier lol!
  5. love it, looks like a totally camo base is possible with this, im sold
  6. because its hawt, like steamy hotttttt, girl gotta show that hair
  7. official pvp gives my anxiety, its like build a base now I'm gonna close my eyes for a sec then poof it's gone...so magical
  8. How old is everyone?

    26, will be 27 next month ---- ugh I hate getting older
  9. I like to listen to chillstep/dubstep mixes, here is one of my favs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BeXxquPuUI&t=5957s&index=7&list=PLq6vaSiyRXZCt_QFGRLcBq8CcULG76X5w
  10. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    I have some fond memories on Nintendo 64 and Gamecube but currently, my favourite is PS4
  11. Initiate Induction Event at 3PM EST -- for those who are confused. Hope to see you there!

  12. wishing for division towels so I can wrap my hair in a beautiful unicorn....

    1. Arixia


      It would be really nice to have towels! Maybe even some stickers so that I can put it on my notebooks and stuff. :P 

    2. TheGamer777


      I understand your talking about a towel but Im imaging you wrapping your hair around an actual unicorn. That must be some long flowing hair you got XD.

  13. Ark on sale under 20$ -- get it while its cheap!

    1. LightningHawk


      yes, more ark players will be awesome


    2. Protaygo


      Oooo thank you Ara!

    3. Clones231