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    I like to play video games when I get home from school/work. Im competitive and im always looking to improve.
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    March 2017
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  1. Where are you from?

  2. What are your favorite books?

    tbh i just read the lol e sports stuff when i am told to read
  3. hi.

    tbh same
  4. First PC Game?

    Club Penguin then roblox then wizard 101
  5. Other Languages?

    how did you learn Chinese and i can speak a little danish
  6. Tv shows to watch?

    Flash is a good one
  7. Any anime/music lovers...

    it was good i liked it
  8. dont play her thats all i got
  9. Any anime/music lovers...

    I will just so i can say if its good or bad
  10. Count to One Million

  11. TSM and C9 and maby for the random pick P1 just cuz dark meteos TSM needs to win lannes harder to even come close they are so good at team fights but lanes are kinda missing something right now C9 its the same thing i mean they have sneaky he is legit the worst adc in lane in the LCS but the team fights are so good too P1 is complete different they crush in lane but suck so much dunk in team fights. If all the teams fix the problems i think they have a chance to win vs the Koreans and the faker faker play maker
  12. twitch makes me mad he can lose but still win