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  1. I'm bringing 'nades next time just because you said that
  2. Try not to cringe

    @AlinaStarkovayour fanfiction thread reminded me of this, I don't really know why. But this is your fault. Watch up to 7:11
  3. Finally hit 100 rep lol

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    2. Sif00


      Wow, you got downvoted??

    3. Zezette


      Silicate, today, at work, one of the girls had a candy cane and she asked me if she could eat it on the bus. Her friend immediately said "NO! She can't because not everyone has a candy cane to eat!" I told her friend to suck it up because when she grows up, she's gonna see a lot of people with more than her.

      It's ok buddy <3

    4. BDSally


      I think youll find you on 99 rep.. what did you expect? (i'll get you back to a hundred tho dw ;))

  4. Who's Godfather?

    It was optional, depends if you wanted to do it or not. Godfather isn't exactly human.
  5. Just curious to see what SRs everyone finished the season with. I finished with a 2643, which I'm pretty happy with since I literally played 11 games this season.
  6. Google Ads

    Google Ads are based off your search history
  7. #ReviveDavesJokes

  8. Silicate's PC (For Zezette's roleplay thing)

    There, I did you :)
  9. Pokemon #1: @Raptor the Sunflora (I'm so sorry raptor, it rolled sunkern) Ability: Chlorophyll Level: 60 Moves: Sunny Day (status) Solar Beam (attack) Leech Seed (status) Giga Drain (attack) Double Edge (attack) Petal Blizzard (attack) Pokemon #2: @Vegas the Whismur Level: 60 Moves: TBD Pokemon #3: @Jinxxy the Illumise Level: 60 Moves: TBD @Zezette
  10. Silicate's PC (For Zezette's roleplay thing)

    I meant to do everybody just haven't had time ._. I'll do you next
  11. Title. What team compositions do you use when you really want to annoy someone more than winning easily? Having both is a plus.
  12. DI-XVIII Team A Tournament Round 2

    Changed Status to Finished
  13. DI-XVIII Team A Tournament Round 2

    Changed Opponent scores to 2
  14. Which advertisements do YOU see?

  15. I guess so. been playing a lot of Zarya/Reaper and just generally flexing
  16. Yeah, when I did placements, I didn't play any support heroes, and I got placed higher than my career high. Trying to figure out what to do now lol
  17. I used to main Mercy/Zen but I have no clue anymore
  18. just gonna throw some of Team A's twitch links in here: @jkyver: http://twitch.tv/thisissyn t500 tank/support flex @Rakuna https://www.twitch.tv/rakunah t500 genji main @aquaboost https://www.twitch.tv/aqua_boost t500 Mercy main (#4 mercy in the world) @fogibear https://www.twitch.tv/fogibear t500 support main @Rakattack https://www.twitch.tv/rakattackow again, another t500 support main If I get the other twitch links from them I'll throw those in here too @Silicate https://www.twitch.tv/silicatestimulus shitty plat player that maybe streams once a month
  19. Ah, that makes sense then. Have fun with your EU servers :)
  20. @IcarusV already has a few modded servers up, maybe you two should coordinate so you aren't both hosting the same modpacks

  22. [DI-III] Team C vs Team Orange

    Changed Status to Finished Changed Team scores to 3