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  1. So glad to hear it! I know how you feel - I just hit gold in flex Q and I was super happy to know I secured those end of season rewards. Now I've won the first of the next 5 games trying to get gold in solo q. Hopefully I'll be celebrating that with you on that ladder too :) Congratulations!!! So at Silver 3 you are better than half the league players out there. Now you've got 2/3 of them beat!
  2. I've had a nice win streak with Sona lately. Poke, dmg boost, speed boost, heal/shield, CC on her ulty, slow... I love watching my team destroy towers when I am with them. The difference with ardent censor from her shielding the whole team plus the bonus AD she gives with her Q is amazing. Baron's go down really quickly too.
  3. Janna saves lives and her shield eventually can be cast again before it wears out. Slow, knockup, shield, mega heal/knockup... Want a funny 1v1? Janna vs Soraka. ResidentSleeper
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has tried any new meta ideas. If you tried it - what happened? I had one a while ago where instead of having a support, you have two junglers. I thought this would be good because I find that junglers have a tough time keeping their jungle cleared. It sort of forces your junglers to take scuttle/gank/counter jungle more and it requires the person in ADC role to be able to play safe - like an Ezreal. I tried it with some friends and I played Nasus bot lane on my own - it was so fun when I hit level 6 early and got a gank since we were so much stronger than my lane opponents. Now that the jungle creeps come back more slowly, it might not work as well. On the other hand, it makes sneaking drag/rift herald a lot easier :)
  5. I enjoy listening to the instalok parody songs on youtube. I like small streamers, so I watch Emporer Mango, Mexisean, and a few others.
  6. I main Nautilus. Secondary? Braum if a tank is needed, otherwise I like to play some Sona/Brand support.
  7. Gotta play em all :) But I play support for the nice Q times.
  8. LOL, that's why I try so hard to avoid the temptation to turret dive. That said, just two days ago I was tanking and took 1 too many shots for my ADC... RIP me..
  9. I was getting bored of my current games (Halo 1 and Starcraft), so I asked my coop student what people played that was free. So I downloaded it and learned to play without any help and still remember wondering what ability the enemy bots kept using to make the turrets hit me instead of the minions lol.
  10. Current DI Team - DI VI Casual B Primary role - Support Secondary role(s), if applicable - Fine with any, prefer support ;) What type of team are you looking for? I'm good for anything. I can dedicate one night a week (preferably Mondays, and not Tuesdays) and usually have time on the weekend.
  11. Annoying? Teemo/Veigar Normal supports? I'd have to go with Thresh because of his supreme CC