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  1. Some people just can't take a hint :/


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheGamer777


      What did Physics do?

    3. Jinxxy


      Its ok bb ill protec u from godfather

    4. TheGamer777


      oh I couldnt see the image before XD

  2. No one because everyone is wonderful in their own way
  3. @Physics is scary for his win rate destruction ability when you duo with him
  4. Woah do you come from the future?
  5. (How I think it works ) It's based on your MMR, not your previous rank, the game sets you at a lower MMR on season reset and your placement games have impact on this, once you've completed 10 games it'll just place you where your MMR has you, which is almost always lower even if you win all of your games. The baseline for this is entirely different for everyone, a plat 5 player with a 75% winrate in S7 is likely to start close to plat 5 no matter how his placements go, while someone with a 45% winrate is likely to fall an entire league. This is because when you have a high winrate, your MMR is higher than your actual rank, so the game considers you as that rank while placing you.
  6. Will boost you to diamond @Stany1 if you also boost me at the same time, also for 5gp
  7. Gucci face reveal?

    That's his twin brother
  8. I just shift it an hour or two a day, using alarms, but I generally just go with it unless I have a commitment to attend.
  9. Gucci face reveal?

    What? This can't be true. Another piece of the puzzle @chathesilver
  10. DUDE THE THROWBACK WITH THE BOY @DonSan What a classic. I want to find our CvC with Tuesday and Yolo casting but it's deleted from the Twitch vods :(
  11. Prob when they gutted Azir by removing things from him piece by piece and didn't buff him for a year and made him unplayable for an entire season
  12. Unlikely, will have to be in the spring unless a burst of interest is shown.
  13. $5,520 Budget For New PC.

    You'd be saving like $1000+ building it yourself unless you really care about the custom loop but if you're spending $5500 which is triple what you need for a really good PC I guess money isn't really an issue