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  1. re-apply to DI

    Please put this on hold until he can be reaccepted :)
  2. It's a great game just come chill with us some time. The PvP is free so why not 😊
  3. Greetings

    Glad to have you here with us! Feel free to get in touch with any questions
  4. Surely this is spam 😂 there's already a pinned topic, you can see flags on profiles, there's the member map and you can even see the clan members sorted by country

    Can't believe you stole first off me.. was going to wait till I get home and write a nice guide
  6. test

    This is exciting
  7. Past 3 days maybe got 10-15 hours sleep and still not done with the god damn essays

  8. Anyone who wants some games, been craving civ recently :)
  9. How to get a girl to like you

    As I've said on other, similar posts: The trick is tell them you are in DI!
  10. tumblr_mdrga6pW181qd4dt1.gif

    The Ribbon of Zezette's Admiration You have single-handedly been keeping a team of 40 people entertained for about a month to stall until DI-XXI has room to exist as its own independent division. You have hosted about 1-2 events PER DAY for the past 5 weeks and show no signs of relenting. This is an outstanding amount of officer activity and I admire you for it greatly. I'm proud to have you in my CoC, Sally, and I'm stunned by how much you've blossomed as a member of the community. This award grants you access to absolutely nothing but bragging rights that Zezette adores you from the bottom of her Kokoro <3

    1. BDSally


      😂😂😂 thank you it means a lot, wish this showed up in the actual awards bar 👌

      Everyone in the venture been great so far so it's been pretty easy, looking forward to becoming DI-XXI

    2. Jonse


      Put this award in your signature bar @BDSally 

  11. How did you get 150 tokens so fast wasn't it not long ago you said you still had half that????????? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BDSally


      Its the star of no life, explains itself :P

    3. Solxius


      Heey it could be the star of... emm... very helpful to the community?

      Star of ... creating events to cater to the people and help them have fun!

    4. DDevastatedTV


      Definitively a no lifer :P

  12. Beaten you for social event tokens :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Asteroid


      Don't hate me cos you ain't me :P

      I'm just organized and time my work around them tokens, I WANT THEM ALL!!

      P.S. I do wonder if I'm breaking some sort of record for most events as a pleb? :D

    3. Zezette


      The only one who vould have possibly beaten you in di history is @Worstnightmare

    4. Asteroid


      I still have time ;)

  13. Been up all night working.. need that gwyf event energy to lift me back up XD 


  14. Its almost like fortnite which is an amazing game :p
  15. Hello fellow gamers

    No idea what lineage is but I hear Fortnite is a pretty great game ;) Glad to have you with us :p