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  1. Here I'm at war with an ally (China) -> This game is so broke.
  2. Image Editor Program Suggestions

    GIMP: excellent freeware.
  3. Update: as of the Mar '18 patch, the start locations bug is mostly (~85%) resolved but gamers are still reporting weirdly close starts, which is my experience. There are some horrible, horrible exploits with R&F that make it unplayable in MP. Most notably the "production overflow" bug. Google or see civfanatics.
  4. How to Cook & Play Civilization (SP/TBS)

    Just FYI yesterday was the first time I cooked while playing MP. Yes, I slow cooked a chicken curry (that turned out great BTW!) whilst playing a DI event -> (So it is possible, but I don't recommend it. This happened only cos I confused the date).
  5. @JesseSpotHere're the "blue aliens" around your base → @ScarabKing BTW did we get awarded tokens for the event? (Notification for the award has an error).
  6. The event was moved later as per your request → I have friends visiting this weekend and my plans are a bit up in the air RN but I shall try to make it.
  7. The patch has been released if you didn't already know....but reports are pouring in of things this patch have broken (notably nobody can form corps & armies apart from Shaka). Oh man! UPDATE: I am playing a new game RN and it seems less buggy and glitchy but England has been nerfed further. I think lots of mods are broke too. (Thankfully my maps are OK!).
  8. There is a BE event scheduled for this Sunday. @ScarabKingCan we make the event 90 mins later? I can do that if I have an afternoon nap
  9. Let me know what time suits you. We will still need an officer to host the event.
  10. Personally I'm most pleased about the fix to the Loyalty UI. I think lots of people must've got peeved off with that.
  11. No issue. There was only one DLC for BE/RT: the exoplanet maps. As they're map scripts you can play on an exoplanet map (if we even play on one of those) if the host has it. (I do BTW). Here's another gameplay vid by youtuber Drew Durnil ->
  12. The most awesome thing you have cooked lately?

    Yesterday I made a Sri Lankan coconut salad ("Pol Sambol") -> (There's no cooking involved. It's mostly lots of grinding and squishing as I prepared it in the traditional way without a blender).
  13. Just a screenshot from Sun's BERT event -> Aliens (barbs in Beyond Earth) can be made passive by having alien nests (barb camp) inside your territory. After a while they turn blue becoming a passive defence.
  14. I recommend playing the scenarios to learn Civ 6. Also the MP scenarios which can be played hotseat with the AI (effectively SP). There are many many more systems in Civ 6 (compounded by R&F) which gives it a steep learning curve.