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  1. Maybe after the expansion R&F? I'm thinking of compiling a list of critical bugs that Firaxis need to address before we can even consider playing MP. First on that list IMO is the start locations bug for which they shipped the first/only hotfix for Civ VI (though it's still broke).
  2. I like naval civs! A nice counter to Indonesia...as it was historically.
  3. Since nobody posted any info about Korea...
  4. Cooking?

    Is this the right forum for posting stuff about cooking food as well? For people who're busy with work, school or household chores, I have some useful cooking tips for multitasking: playing games and cooking (Civilization in particular). Inspiring no confidence in the idea whatsoever is Swedish Chef:
  5. Hello Ed Beach, is that you?! (Or maybe Anton Strenger?) Welcome to DI!
  6. Someone's drinking their KoolAid This is the most bug riddled game in the entire Civ franchise. Compare it with ancient titles like SMAC/X (Alpha Centauri) which hardly had any bugs. Firaxis QA has crashed through the floor.
  7. They don't make games like that anymore. In the 80s & 90s there used to be a ton of detective/espionage genre games...later turning into FPS. If I recall SMAC/X also had espionage. Data Jack (Rose) was a hacker civ. I really wanna play SMAX again unfortunately my machines are too modern to play the GoG version. macOS High Sierra is not supported. My Win 10 installation also isn't supported. GoG refunded me though .
  8. OMG I never knew such a thing existed! I just found it on Steam Store *mind blown*
  9. I hope so but I sincerely doubt it. The civ nuts on civfanatics are having a collective nerdgasm and are deluding themselves R&F will be a miracle cure all for Civ VI. But Firaxis have just 10 wks. C'mon!
  10. Rise & Fall....of Civilization? IMO Firaxis will take the game to a whole new level of broken AF.
  11. Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  12. You could. But you definitely need one person to take a peek at the map to see if the spawns are balanced. (Obv. that person can't play - a referee of sorts).