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  1. My current settings are FOV: 105 Distance: 280 Height: 110 Angle: -5
  2. If you do it with tunicas then change the names of the two wheels and then change the value of what says "AlphaRim" to the same as "Atlantis"
  3. If you do it with "WHEEL_Atlantis_SF" it goes from 148 to 150 so try that?
  4. ENIGMA's advice is very good, and, as much as this is a cinematic montage in others, try not to have every clip as a cinematic. As much as I said to experiment, try to have a 60:40 balance between player view and other angles. Good job though.
  5. The Wheels labeled "Atlantis" are actually Tunicas lol so just do it with them
  6. Thanks Epic! It's a little thing I like to call Cheat Engine whoops
  7. Thanks @ENIGMAa lot of work went into it and im v happy with the end result :)
  8. it was just so funny and deserved a place xD
  9. Idk man probably some random dude, thanks :) Cheers Andy, and I'm glad to see you back :D
  10. Thanks @Drippinthe tourney highlights are always good! Especially with the casting
  11. Creative title, I know... But, my 10th Rocket League montage is now live on YouTube, and any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Guys!
  12. Here is a huge 8 second clip from my new montage which should be out this week.