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  1. It might help to mention what you are currently struggling with!
  2. I would like to see a more offensive mamo with serperior replaced by maybe a physical tank? Again, you already have a lot of special attacking power. You might go with a flying or psychic resist, which your team currently lacks. Options are eviolite magneton, metagross, blissey, latias, mandibuzz, rotom wash, etc. You also don't have any set up sweepers, which can help with momentem, late games, and breaking through stall.
  3. You mean having gligar and Gliscor? I dont know if you want either with Mamoswine. I do love P2 in the format though.
  4. Tbh not a big fan of the Gliscor. It is best as a wall. The acrobatics set leaves a lot to be desired. Personally I would run a support set with Roost, eq, defog, toxic/sr. SR is probably good because it is arguably the best move in the game. You could also change the celebi, giving it SR, and putting toxic on gliscor to handle stall better. The set I run is stealth rock, t wave, u turn, recover. I just don't think you need this as a special attacker when you have P2 and M Pidg. For pidg, if you have defog on Gliscor you can replace that spot with U turn for momentum or roost for sustain. Im not convinced hp ground is the best choice, but haven't played recently enough to know for sure. Lastly, on mienshao you don't normally run E belt. Since you have regenerator you can get extra power with life orb and not sacrifice much. The other option is use it as a scarfer. Most teams need a scarf mon that can hit hard and outspeed certain set up mons or fast mons. If you do do that I would run poison jab for fairies. I would also consider running HJK over drain punch. Again, you have regenerator so sustain doesnt matter as much and with drain punch you miss out on very key KOs.
  5. If you ever want to talk about singles shoot me a PM! We are also hosting a beginners league to get people acquainted with battling!
  6. I normally lead Manetric with Stakataka/Scrafty/Gothitele so I can volt switch into Politoed if the Zard Mega Evolves. I can also generally get trick room off to then Threaten the zard with Staka and Politoed.
  7. This team is cool with a lot of win cons. At this point just trying to finalize moves and EV spreads. I would love wide guard support but not sure where to put it. I think Stakataka is a possibility in lieu of Protect because I normally only find myself protecting on eq. Any advice is appreciated! http://pokepast.es/3506f2b746202330
  8. Fill out the google doc here and PM me with any questions you might have! I can explain what it consists of if you aren't sure! https://goo.gl/forms/MUGls5x1dRpMnl1b2
  9. So I haven't even played the format (turned off by all the options) but figured I'd throw a team together that is hopefully not full meta. Here is the pokepaste. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! http://pokepast.es/a4dae0529deea381
  10. Format where 2 z moves can be used. Randbats where you can choose your lead.
  11. This is phenomenal. Motion to replace @TheGamer777 with @Soulrick. All in favor say "I".