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  1. Please post on the pinned Team C topic if you want to scrim with us! That is of course, if your team is up to the challenge! It will be easier to organize under that thread since its more public and we won't have to play message tag.
  2. Ive seen her mid lane successfully.
  3. Who do you hate playing in ARAM?

    I don;t like playing melee champs in ARAM
  4. I always take a mage support now during solo que for the simple fact that I can seal the deal if my ADC is not very good and apply lane pressure when needed. Lux is an awesome support, just a little squishy.
  5. Wait a sec, I say that all the time to my other half! "Next time, try to leave a dent!"- Leona
  6. Eh maybe, but a lot of time people are just joking in champ select. Very rarely do I dodge.
  7. I think i will practice her on my lvl 7 account.
  8. Damage Inc CvC Tournament

    Photo Event details DI-XI Team Havoc will be playing in this 5v5 Premade tournament here tonight for upsurge esports! Region: North America Game Map Type: 5v5 Summoners Rift - Tournament Draft - Best of 1 7pm Central Team Havoc Tournament Information: https://battlefy.com/upsurge-esports/upsurge-5v5-premade-tournament/5999442c1a76ad0336b39d55/info?infoTab=details I will stream the game if anyone wants to see our POV other teams will stream as well Stream Info: https://www.twitch.tv/thatguyjaquan Unfortunately is was a loss, we gave a good fight tho!
  9. Where are you from?

    I was born on Summoner's Rift and I will die on Summoner's Rift.
  10. Oh was this your post? Sorry! I just like Bard!
  11. You couldn't have done it without Bard