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  1. I always take a mage support now during solo que for the simple fact that I can seal the deal if my ADC is not very good and apply lane pressure when needed. Lux is an awesome support, just a little squishy.
  2. Wait a sec, I say that all the time to my other half! "Next time, try to leave a dent!"- Leona
  3. Eh maybe, but a lot of time people are just joking in champ select. Very rarely do I dodge.
  4. I think i will practice her on my lvl 7 account.
  5. Damage Inc CvC Tournament

    Photo Event details DI-XI Team Havoc will be playing in this 5v5 Premade tournament here tonight for upsurge esports! Region: North America Game Map Type: 5v5 Summoners Rift - Tournament Draft - Best of 1 7pm Central Team Havoc Tournament Information: https://battlefy.com/upsurge-esports/upsurge-5v5-premade-tournament/5999442c1a76ad0336b39d55/info?infoTab=details I will stream the game if anyone wants to see our POV other teams will stream as well Stream Info: https://www.twitch.tv/thatguyjaquan Unfortunately is was a loss, we gave a good fight tho!
  6. Where are you from?

    I was born on Summoner's Rift and I will die on Summoner's Rift.
  7. Oh was this your post? Sorry! I just like Bard!
  8. You couldn't have done it without Bard
  9. One time I was Bronze 5 -1 LP cause i dodged one for the team...
  10. I like supporting, taking the damage, and helping get my ADC fed.
  11. Farmer Nasus with a Pitch fork.
  12. My Posts aren't counting

    sometimes you can't post so many close together, sometimes theres a glitch with the forums. Sometimes it doesn't even show when I post something. Just space them out a little more, you still have a couple days.