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  1. Introduction - oioiJames

    Welcome to DI, James. Looks like you are doing good so far. Hope you enjoy DI and spread out to other games too as time goes by. Good luck with you initiation. :-)
  2. Nice to meet you all :)

    Welcome, Nicko. Glad to see more norwegians join. Cant have enough of those is my (totally unbiased) opinion. o: -) Good luck in DI.
  3. Hey :)

    Welcome, Luca. Great to see skilled gamers join. ;-)
  4. My pleasure =)

    Welcome to DI. Runescape still exist? :o Cant even remember how many years its been since i last played it. :p (may be that age has finalløy caught up with my memory, though... o:- )) Good luck with your initiation. :-)
  5. Hello there

    Welcome, Cappslocke. Glad to see your posts dont reflect your name. :p Looks like you will do great in DI. Good luck.
  6. “Peace be upon you”

    Welcome. Glad to see you in DI. Good luck with your initiation. Pop a note of you need aid or advice. ;-)
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome. Great to have you in DI. Good luck with your initiation. :-)
  8. Hi there

    Welcome to DI, Rawry. Your new pc is sure to get some action now that youve joined here. ;-)
  9. Owo, it me.

    Welcome, hindar. Glad to see you join. :-) Hope you enjoy DI. Just pop a note if you need aid or advice.
  10. Hello :D

    Great into. Cant have too many bakers around. :-) Welcome to DI. Seems you are doing well.
  11. Hello!

    Welcome, Zivix, gamer of many talents. :-) Hope to see you post some of your own music or games some day. Good luck in DI.
  12. Hello :)

    Welcome, JuanElTaco. :-) Hope you enjoy DI. Soccer is great, but sadly my old and bent knees wont allow it no more. :p Dont play any good soccer games, then?
  13. Hello there :P

    Glad to see you join. Better get busy posting, though. ;-) Just pop a pm if you need aid or advice.
  14. Whats up everybody

    Welcome to DI. Seems you are doing well already. Plenty of help to be had. Just pop a pm in the unlikely event that you should come up short. ;-)
  15. That one guy who's new

    Welcome, Cim. Good luck in DI.